Sunday, June 19, 2011

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 1/Episode 10

1.10 Fire and Blood
As news of Ned’s fate spreads across the kingdoms, Robb mourns and vows revenge. The northerners pledge allegiance and declare him King of the North. Cat breaks down herself before taking out her anger on Jaime, who admits he’s the one who pushed Bran off the tower. Jon Snow deserts the Wall to join Robb in avenging their father’s death, but is persuaded by his comrades to come back and keep his oath. Arya is taken by one his father’s men, passes her off as a boy, and they escape north. Sansa is continuously tortured by Joffrey, even forcing her to look at her father’s head on a pike. Acknowledging his son’s skills in strategy, Tywin names Tyrion Hand of the King and sends him back to King’s Landing in an effort to avoid any more crucial mistakes by both Cersei and Joffrey. Daenerys wakes up childless, without a tribe, and with an alive but catatonic Khal Drogo. The witch admits to tricking her as revenge against the Dothraki who pillaged her homeland. The Khaleesi smothers her husband, and later on joins him in his funeral pyre along with her three dragon eggs. But she does not burn, and they find her the next morning unscathed, with a trio of hatched dragons in tow.

OMFG, can I have one? CAN I HAVE ONE?! Goldilocks loses her husband and her kid, but gets a Jurassic Park starter kit in return. Those dragons are too cute for their own good! But of course we’re going to have to wait until they are grown-up before she can ride them back to King’s Landing and breathe fire on Queen Bitch’s hair. May I also suggest that you barbecue Joffrey Bieber? Well-done, please! His majesty deserves just that. Poor Sansa, but maybe this is just what naivety gets you. Hopefully she would grow up as a wise redhead and get her revenge, not just for her but for all Stark-kind. I also feel bad for Conan the Barbarian, but timing your death even one episode after Boromir’s is a bad move, dude. That guy would obviously get more sympathy. Besides, Conan the Barbarian serves as a simple instrument here for Goldilocks, who we will now call Dragon Mama, to realize her destiny. Oh well, at least the witch burned for her supernatural crime, not at the stake but at least she still burned, so we could call it quits. Who’s excited for Season 2?! ME.

“What gods are those? The trees your husband prayed to? Where were the trees when his head was being chopped off? If your gods are real and if they’re just, why is the world full of injustice?” –Jaime Lannister

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