Thursday, June 9, 2011

JONGNO-GU: 03 - The Cheonggyecheon Walkathon

The Cheonggyecheon is a restored stream that starts from Cheonggye Plaza (and ends somewhere at Dongdaemun. The plaza is located between Gwanghwamun and Seoul City Hall. It is not that hard to miss because of the cone structure thingy that looks like a red and blue beehive that marks the said plaza. This stream is long. I walked for two hours without rushing and it still didn’t want to end. And so I exited at Dongdaemun to meet the gate. The map said that it would continue farther by a few kilometers.

Just like the Jogyesa, this stream is also a good source of tranquility in a busy urban area. Situated right in the middle of northern Seoul, it is easily accessible to people both professionals and tambays alike. The Seoulites are lucky to have such attraction within their vicinity. Strolling along it is not a hard task given its layout. Through its course, either side (or most of the time both) is designed with wide pathways and benches where one can rest and just admire the beauty of the scenery. Every few hundred meters some steps made of concrete line the water to enable anyone to cross to the other side.

What I could say is that the first half of the stream from the Gwanghwamun area is worth the excursion. Starting from the mentioned beehive thingy, the stream starts with a waterfall, which is displayed with magnificent lights nightly. Too bad I wasn’t able to witness that. Anyway, the first half is well-designed and is guaranteed to keep your attention give the different designs and features along the way. The second half is no longer that interesting because of the repetitive characteristics made even more forgettable with the presence of wild grass along the area, or perhaps it was just temporarily unkempt when I dropped by for a visit.

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