Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Is It


Michael Jackson is one hell of a talented artist. He could have easily staged the biggest comeback ever in world music history. He will forever be a legend. King of Pop indeed.

The clips are very cinematic. The new ones for Thriller make our local horror movies look like amateur high school projects. The one for his tribute song about the Earth is very symbolic. He really loves mother Nature. Heal the World is the second song played as the credits roll and it never fails to give you goosebumps.

Beat It made me want to dance in the theater but I would look retarded so I just ate popcorn. More than being a singer, what I really admire about MJ is his dancing. You could not even begin to label it. It is not just jazz, not even just Tap, and it looks like Hip-Hop. I guess it is simply Michael. Dance schools should be teaching Michael Jackson dance classes, honestly. I would really enroll. Dancing Thriller or Beat It at least once in this lifetime is on my bucket list.

Anyone can upload a video on YouTube and call himself a singer or a dancer but to be called a total performer, I think one must aspire to be like MJ. He just sets the stage on fire with his talent and energy.

You cannot call him arrogant. Demanding, perhaps, because he really knows his music. Like everyone else has been, you would see in this documentary how hands-on he really is. His input is really valued by the crew and he knows what he wants. So unlike manufactured artists nowadays who just go with the flow and are more concerned about fame rather than honing their craft.

This is more like those special features you see when you buy concert DVDs, only that in this case, the concert itself did not happen. Would have been one hell of a show. RIP MJ. Thank you for sharing your gift to the world. You will forever live through your music.

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