Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jennifer's Body


Evil possessed cheerleader feeds on her male classmates to keep her strength and beauty. I think the movie is confused as to what it really wants to be. Comedy? Drama? Horror? It all gets mixed up and the audience gets confused as to how to perceive all of it.

I think it is just another teen movie masquerading as a satire, a not so plausible follow-up for Juno. A not so convincing vehicle for Meagan Fox to redeem herself after being upstaged by Optimus Prime. A high school flick with demonic flavor used as a lazy excuse for a plot twist, and an attempt to be unique by going non-linear on the plot.

Diablo Cody's wit is apparent in some dialogues but is not able to match that in Juno's script. Nonetheless, still mildly entertaining but better reserved for viewing on DVD.

As for Diablo Cody, I think it is perfectly normal for her to come up with scripts like this. I mean, you do not always get one Juno after another. I am expecting two or three more Jennifer's Bodies before she hits another award-worthy script. As for now, she could watch this over and over again to learn how to perfect her skills as a story writer.

As for Megan Fox, I think she would receive more roles like this until one day she realizes that she wants to win an award or something. Or maybe she would win an unexpected award for a juicier role in the same genre a la Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted, then get stuck deciding whether she wants to be a kick-ass chick or a relevant award-winning actress. As for now, I think it is understandable that she is just what she currently is, an eye-candy.

Amanda Seyfried is underrated and cannot seem to find a breakout role that would make her an A-List star. Well, at least she has projects. Among the Mean Girls alumnae, it seems that only she and Rachel McAdams have been visible lately. Lindsay Lohan is not making any movies and the other girl just disappeared. Tough luck. At least she got to work with Meryl Streep already.

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