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This movie gives you awesome tips on how to survive the end of the world:

1) If your partner leaves you make sure it is for someone who could fly a plane. It does not matter what his/her career is, as long as s/he could pilot a damn plane.

2) Befriend semi-retarded mountain junkies who create hilariously creative end of the world Flash presentations as a hobby, they might just have a map that could lead you to safety.

3) Practice: dodging falling skyscrapers and flying cars, getting out of the Earth unscathed after it eats you, and driving Bentleys in the snow. They might come in handy someday. John Cusack did all those in the movie and he survived. There is no reason why you should not.

Watch the movie for the special effects and the adrenaline rush. Do not reflect on the story too much because it is too Hollywood-ish. Discard the plot because it has a lot of holes in it that would just give you a stressful time if you try to analyze.

Movies like this are always interesting and a lot of people dig it. Maybe because we know that the world would eventually end and we are trying to get some tips, or perhaps we just do not have anything important to do on a boring weekend night.

It is just that the formula is getting old. Hollywood seems to be competing with Shiva. How many times have they destroyed the world? They try to scare the shit out of you and then against all odds and with a stroke of good luck that would put even leprechauns to shame, they end it happily with a glimpse of hope. Or is that denial? If the world ends, it ends. No exceptions. That is how you scare people. But then I think it is one indispensable human trait, hope, I mean. I guess it is part of what makes us unique as a race. So sige di na ko kokontra, pagbigyan.

I am a bit torn between hating and appreciating the ending. I hope you do not kill me for being inhumane but if the sole objective is to repopulate the human race after a catastrophic event, then saving a hundred or a thousand people should be enough already, right? If Africa did not resurface all those people in the ships would just start killing each other once the supplies dwindle, what with being stuck in a big ship and absolutely no trace of land for resources. But then Africa resurfaced, as the director wanted. And so the ending makes it ideal for them to rebuild civilization because of the abundant manpower. Convenient ending, huh, Emmerich?

They should have shown this on the exact date the Mayans predicted, in December 2012. It would be more freaky watching it on that day, getting paranoid and thinking if it would be the last thing you see before becoming part of an extinct species.

I think the Mayan prediction is misinterpreted. They did predict that there would be an alignment and the world would end, although not literally. I think 2012 in the Mayan calendar marks the ends of one bakh'tun, which is a measure of time. Many modern day Mayans are saying that it is just going to be the start of a new era but the world would not end.

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