Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kimmy Dora


This movie is so like Tanging Ina, except that Eugene Domingo has more depth in acting than Ai Ai could ever wish she had. The movie experience is great because the people in the audience go wild every other minute, almost similar to A Very Special Love in terms of audience reception.

The scenes taken individually are hilarious. But overall the story lacks cohesion, as is already stated by many people. Again, very much like the first Tanging Ina movie. Same formula. I love the Kimmy character better because she has the most ROFL lines. ROFL because the lines are mostly sarcastic or just hilariously absurd like the infamous, "Kunin mo ang checkbook ko at bilhin mo yung bus sa labas" and "Hindi ka naman talaga bobo. Slow ka lang." Eugene Domingo also does coño convincingly and that adds to the novelty of the character.

As for Dora I would not say that she is adorable because she is not. Her lines are mostly funny because like her father would like to say, "Dora is special" although Kimmy would immediately add, "in a mongoloid kind of way." For that whatever statement she makes is retarded, which some people find as funny.

But to be fair to the Dora character I really laughed so hard on that scene where she disguises as Kimmy. Well in fact a lot of scenes are funny. But the best two that gets the most attention are the kidnap scene with the slippers, and the escape scene after that.

Negative points... I do not like some of the CGI, like that of the dog in the ending. Some are just okay osuch as the waves in the pool. I do not like the theme song either. It just seems odd, and bad timing too. Maybe they could have just played a musical score derived from that song. There are some shaky camera shots and several are unclear. Just minor technical glitches.

Basing on the very long line at G4 on a Saturday evening I think I smell a surprise box office hit. Besides, this is also showing at SM so I think there will not be any problem in terms of box office returns. Word of mouth must be that good because the screening I went to was standing room. And the audience just goes wild. The ending is received with a loud round of applause, same thing for the bloopers after that.

Laugh trip scenes (there are a lot but these are the only ones I remember): "Dahon ng bayabas... na hinalo sa semilya ng batang kambing;" "I'm just a girl floating in front of a boy, asking him to lllove her;" "Naje jerbs ako! (Dora pretending as Kimmy); whole "You're fired" scene. Lots more! The hilarious scenes outnumber the dull ones.

There are a lot of cameos in this movie, most of them subtle and short. Miriam Quiambao, more workshop. Her role is short and she manages to pull it off until that scene where she starts to supposedly tear up out of joy. Seems so fake, must be the acting style the director wanted, dunno.

Parang nanggago lang 'tong movie na 'to pero sobrang na enjoy mo kaya ok lang. Well worth a second viewing. Can't wait for the DVD.

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