Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Final Destination


The Final Destination franchise is like a roller coaster, you ride it because of the adrenaline rush. In the case of the movie, you watch it because of the thrill, not the plot development. If yo ha've seen all three prequels and you are still expecting something different with this one and turn out disappointed then it is not the movie's fault but yours. It is the same old formula but this time you have the option of seeing it in 3D.

I did not see the 3D version. Perhaps it would be more fun, feeling as if all the gore and the internal organs would fall right on your lap. That would definitely add to the thrill. The only new thing about it is the déjà vu hidden somewhere in the movie as well as the clues which are now mostly in visual form via the character's premonitions.

The characters are still the same. You have the premonition person, the love interest, the friend (mostly best friend) who does not believe and does not care, the panicky girl, the angst ridden survivor with a plot for unreasonable vengeance, the one who is willing to die, the extra, etc. In the end, you no longer care about the characters because you know what would happen to them anyway. You just want to see how they die and if the manner by which they do is creative enough. Those writers just do not run out of crazy ideas!

If you are really interested in the story and would like to decipher some hidden clues, it would be best to see the movie on DVD. In some instances, a certain scene is trying to tell you something, mostly through words arranged in a different way but you just could not figure it out because the scene is too fast.

Unlike the previous versions this one is not trying to desperately connect the storyline to the earlier films in the franchise. There is only one reference made which is a clipping of Flight 180. Other than tha,t the movie could stand on its own.

The title does say THE Final Destination but do not believe this to be the last. As long as they could milk the franchise, they would do just that. Besides, there are a lot of scenarios not yet tackled. If they do a follow up movie, I would like it set in a sinking ship. Let us see how far the writers could bend their imagination, HAHAHA.

The MTRCB cut some scenes. Those idiots feel like film Gods, do they not? I am not sure though but there is one death, the aftermath of which is not felt in the movie at all, as if the characters totally forgot or had no inkling that one of their friends died. The ending of that particular death scene is abrupt, so I am thinking the MTRCB cut it, or perhaps it is just the lousy storytelling. I guess I will have to wait for the DVD to find out.

How do I describe the overall movie experience... Well it is just the same as the other Final Destination movies. You have the big event, which is always intense and then you have the believe me I am not crazy portion which usually includes some commotion or mini brawl. And then death does the stalking. And then they throw some red herrings in the mix along with the death scenes. And then the characters say: What if we were wrong? What if we didn't change the order? What if we didn't really change anything? for, like, 15 times. And then it ends. Simple as that. Watch for the thrill. And the gore.

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