Monday, September 28, 2009

Yaya & Angelina


I am such a loser for paying to watch this piece of crap. I fell asleep twice and only found the Arowana resuscitation scene funny, along with a few of Bitoy's random quips. The terrorist subplot is a drastic attempt to insert plot development, even if it is totally unrelated to the premise of the original Bubble Gang skits. This is understandable because they had no choice, otherwise they would have ended up with a 30-minute collection of skits with no direction, story wise. But that does not mean it is going to be tolerable.

Iza Calzado does not need this on her resumé. Michael V deserves something better. Ogie Alcasid seems to be enjoying his cross-dressing very much, third time in just a year. Too bad he is the only one having a good time.

I guess if there is an audience out there who would enjoy this, it would probably be the kids. I am not sure if the fans of the Bubble Gang skits would enjoy this. The focus on the formula used in those skits (where Angelina always gets to outwit the Yaya) are only seen here a couple of times in the first half of the movie. The second half gets lost trying to drive the story forward.

Coming right after the success of Kimmydora and In My Life, this turns out to be a pretty big disappointment. Just when you thought that Pinoy comedy is finally getting somewhere, you get to watch this.

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Anonymous said...

Agree, it's boring, better watch something else.

ihcahieh said...

@Anonymous - True. =)

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