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Nothing beats Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc (have not seen Wall-E yet) so for me this one comes in at close third. Watching it in 3D is cool and all but does not add much to the entertainment value of the movie, in my opinion.

The animated short before the movie starts is, as usual, just so interesting. Pixar does not run of good ideas! It is like a weird but pleasant dream that you would not mind having.

I like most of the silent scenes in the old man's back story, which do not require any exaggeration to pull a few heart strings. The scenes are done with just the right amount of subtlety so that the adult can appreciate it yet the kids could still follow some hints as to what is really going on.

The flow of the story is well-crafted. Anything out of the ordinary always follows a set of rules unique in the universe of the movie and of course the animation is plain genius and keeps on getting better.

Aside from the story, the lines are funny enough to get anyone hooked. Since we are dealing with a kid and an old man, we are guaranteed to hear interesting conversations that sometimes border on stupid or just wacky. However, the scenes that are plain strange are the ones guaranteed to make you laugh. Some of them come as a surprise while some of them you already saw in the trailer but still funny once you see onscreen.

Although some people find a lot of scenes unbelievable, like most of the gravity defying ones, I think they actually add to the novelty of the movie. What keeps everything grounded on reality is the rapport between the old man and the kid.

My favorite scene would be that one already seen in the trailer where the dog suddenly speaks as well as the fight scene between the two old men. Go flying dentures, attack! HAHAHA.

The thing with Pixar is that they always manage to strike a good balance between the normal and the absurd so that the finished product appeals to both adults and children. That factor is not absent here, which makes this movie one of the must-sees of the year. Once again, Pixar has proven that an animated movie need not be shallow. In fact, this movie offers a far better story than most live action junk that comes out of Hollywood.

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