Monday, August 17, 2009

And I Love You So


The movie is unnecessarily long, a bit dragging actually. There is no surprise twist. The plot is very common. The ending is predictable.

The movie is sort of divided between Bea/Derek and Bea/Sam, although Derek's exposure is considerably less. Bea/Derek is like a romantic drama. The latter is a mix of romantic drama and comedy, but more on rom-com. Some of the awkward moments are funny and the one that stands out is the "Ok ka lang?" scene.

Bea can act, no question about that. As for the over-hyped scene at the beach I would say that yes, she is slimmer now. But her body looks kinda strange, like that of Katrina Halili's (post-lipo obvious or maybe they are really just big boned.)

As for Sam I think he has managed to improve a bit on his acting, though this movie is not a very good measuring stick for that since his role here does not require a lot from him as an actor. But at least it is no longer that awkward to watch him onscreen. Somehow you get to see his character, not him acting his character. In fact, it was Derek's scenes that felt a bit more awkward. Still, there is room for improvement.

There is something wrong with Coney's acting in her first few scenes, but the few that remain are just okay. Star Cinema decides to turn this film into some sort of a Pinoy Fear Factor reunion with almost everyone in that show given a role as an extra.

"Suffering is an option. Happiness is a choice." Seriously, I don't get this one. Is it not that "option" and "choice" refer to the same thing? I mean, similar meanings? If so, then this quote does not really make much sense. Or maybe it still makes sense, but it loses its novelty.

What is with Star Cinema and intimate scenes coupled with loud singing (or shrieking?) men? And please, do not let Sam sing classic love songs. No reasons, just don't.

Too bad that Star Cinema would give Bea a second chance to test her box office mettle sans JLC (first chance was that flop called Dreamboy) but decide not to show the movie in SM Cinemas. From what I have read SM Cinemas account for 45% of total movie ticket sales in the country. Go figure.

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