Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Proposal


The plot is cliché. Either you are naive or plain stupid if you do not know where it is headed to. The office subplot is like Prada or any other chick lit flick set in New York that you might have already seen. The Alaska subplot is like Meet the Parents except that in this movie, only the Granny is funny.

There is nothing much to expect story-wise. I think the only new twist is the deportation issue. Despite the formulaic plot, this movie just makes up for it in terms of dialogues, a few witty lines here and a couple of funny scenes there. It actually works, at least for me.

Bullock is convincing as a cold bitch with a warm heart, or to quote Granny, Satan's Mistress. Unfortunately, it seems that she has not been allowed to dig deeper into her character. Her background story is just a quick five minute narration of some random facts about herself. Although the character is not that vile for you to hate her so much and demand a well crafted back story, it would have been great to know her better. Or maybe they just wanted to keep the story light.

Reynolds is good in portraying his role, which required being clueless most of the time. I guess we get to empathize with him more because we get to meet his family and we get to discover the reasons as to why he left Alaska. In short, his back story is a little bit more complete than Bullock's character. Other than that, he somehow shares a good onscreen chemistry with her. This film would not have gotten almost $150M in the North American Box Office if that was not the case.

Kevin the dog is adorable. If I have to guess the breed, I think it would be Siberian Husky. Cute puppy. I love the grandmother because she is funny like most grannies in comedy movies. She also has a fair share of the witty dialogues in the movie.

The immigration interview scenes are shown after the movie and run along for about 3/4 of the end credits. It does not contribute much to the story but you could stay and watch it just for the entertainment.

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