Friday, April 24, 2009

Someone Killed a Cat and Proudly Blogged about It

Imagine Mahal guesting one Sunday night on Sharon. The host suddenly grabs her by the ankle and hurls her wrestling-style towards the audience. Sprawled on the floor, the clueless midget watches in horror as the TV show host, all 250 lbs of her (can someone confirm Sharon's weight?), runs towards her, launches herself into the air, and stomps the vertically challenged Kokey star once, twice, thrice...

Of course this did not really happen, but a similar fate was met by a clueless kitten living as a collective pet in UP - Diliman's National Institute of Physics building. I think it was last week when a student of theirs did to the cat what Sharon did to Mahal in that imaginary scenario in the first paragraph. The witnesses said that the animal did not die right away. Instead, it fled the scene, vomited blood, and eventually died. Now let me ask, what is with the public display of cruelty?

What is worse is that the person who did it proudly blogged about it on his Multiply site with no sign of remorse whatsoever. In fact, he was proud about it and even referred to himself as the Serial Cat-Killer. He said that he has an innate hatred for cats. Perhaps, killing them gives him a different kind of high. Unfortunately, many netizens were alarmed by the disturbing blog entry and started to react to the blog post. After a few days, the news reached 24 Oras but the identity of the Serial Cat Killer was not divulged. The dean of the College of Science already issued a statement saying that they would deliberate upon the appropriate disciplinary action for this incident in accordance to the rules and regulations of the university.

So what? We kill chickens and pigs for food, do we not?

Some people actually defend this Serial Cat Killer, saying that as human beings we also kill livestock, and yes, even cats (siopao, anyone?) because we eat them for survival. Well, I do not think this justifies the action of this deranged potential future serial killer. We are carnivorous and we kill animals for food, yes, but not for fun. I guess the real issue here is not the act of killing, but the intention for doing so, and straight from the horse's mouth the kid said, Trip lang.

If he was dirt poor and dying of extreme hunger that he had to result to killing that feline for food then I would have understood, but he did it for no particular reason at all. Trip lang. If the creature was annoying him in some way or attacking him with its claws then he could have claimed self-defense. But no, according to the witnesses, the clueless pusa was minding its own business when it was assaulted. In short, trip lang.

I wonder if his fans would still think and feel the same way if this person suddenly gets tired of killing felines and starts targeting humans for a change. Kasi trip lang. Bring him to a psychiatrist, he badly needs professional help. And keep him away from PETA, they might skin him alive. Maybe one day I could introduce him to my pet, Mufasa, a.k.a. Simba's daddy. Or Uncle Scar. I would like to see him play with them. Trip lang.

On the contrary, I also understand the animal discrimination issue. When you experiment on a lab rat and get it killed in the process, is that not animal cruelty? What makes killing a cat, or a dog, or your pet pig of five years any different from killing that lab rat? Or that kitten that this Serial Cat Killer victimized? Honestly I do not know. Perhaps, the intention? But if I kill them for fun I certainly woudl not announce it to the world like he did. I guess that was his mistake. Idiot.

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