Friday, April 10, 2009

John Regala’s Fans Day

I have never been to a graduation ceremony where the participants were more eager to have their picture taken with a certain actor, rather than a picture of themselves with their toga and a diploma. My brother was one of them, HAHAHA! Last Friday, he graduated from the DepEd Alternative Learning System. He is finally going to college at St. Benilde, bringing the tally of La Salistas within the inner circle of the clan to seven.

The ceremony was lackluster to say the least. There were 701 graduates from different divisions and we had to hear their names called one by one. That would have been okay, if the names matched the faces. Unfortunately my brother was called Michelle when he went up the stage, and the brawny man in his late twenties who followed him was announced as Joanna.

My brother thought it was boring. I thought it was fun. It shows you how inefficient the Department of Education is when it comes to organizing events like this. Nitpicking heaven.

As already mentioned, John Regala became the unlikely highlight of the event. In fact, the event became his unofficial fans day. Poor guy, his Japanese looking children wanted to go home but daddy was stuck with a throng of camwhores who wanted a graduation souvenir photo.

My brother and my mother even had a debate. My brother insisted that John Regala's wife is Japanese, hence the Japanese looking children. My mother disagreed. She said that the wife is Filipina. Munching on my outrageously overpriced bacon hotdog sandwich, I did not really give a shit. But I would have answered that the wife is female if they asked for my opinion.

Congratulations graduates!

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