Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


If based on the visual experience alone I would give this movie five stars, but putting some things into consideration, I am just going to give it four. The CGI is awesome (even more so in my case because I have seen the leaked version) but there are a few glitches like some of the backgrounds, for example, can easily be deduced as fake specially that one in the woods where an unannounced important mutant makes a cameo appearance. There is also something awkward and funny about the way they fall. Even those logs falling down on Logan seem to do so in an abrupt and weird manner. And there are a lot of cheesy poses from Wolverine and Sabretooth. Parang pictorial lang, LOL.

I have two favorite scenes! One is where that Koreanovela guy jumps over the gate and does his thing with his guns and then he lands on the other side a la Carrie Anne Moss and then two or three dead bodies fall behind him. Coolness. The other one is Ryan Reynold's solo bullet-dodging action scene as Deadpool with the katana swords. Awesomeness. Wolverine and Sabretooth's fight scenes are boring. They just run towards one another (typical Wolvie claws out! strike a pose! run! and Sabretooth run! ahem, I mean crawl!... run - crawl!) and start stabbing each other as a sign of brotherly love. But then they could not seem to kill each other because of their advanced healing ability. Always a stalemate. Boredom. Ness.

What I hate most about this movie is that they reduced the role of Emma Frost, a high level telepath that could rival the power of Charles Xavier himself, into a shining shimmering human shield. What the F? That is not even her primary ability but then again this is a popcorn flick where dodging bullets in diamond form is way cooler than playing mind games. But still, an epic fail for the movie debut of the White Queen. If they wanted someone to dodge bullets I bet Colossus would have been more than willing to do so.

Gambit is kinda lame or perhaps the actor who portrays him. Maybe he also only got in because of his visually appealing kinetic powers. I like the one in the cartoons better. That guy from Black Eyed Peas is also here. He teleports a la Nightcrawler minus the black smoke. There is a scene where he and Sabretooth dance to the tune of My Humps, at the end credits. Or maybe I am joking. You decide. That Hobbit who became a Lostie is also here. I do not know what his glitch is but he might come in handy during blackouts, instant human generator.

Cyclops is also here. In the trailers, we see a young girl who seems to be Storm but I did not see that scene anywhere in the movie. There are two extra scenes, one right after the ending and the other after the end credits finish rolling. Rumor has it that there are two versions of the extra ending scene shipped to different countries. What I saw was Wolverine's. Perhaps, the other version is Sabretooth's. I could only guess. Fat Bastard also has a special appearance. Oops, si Blob pala yun.

This movie is a good enough introduction to Wolverine as an individual and not as part of the X-Men, as we always see him portrayed. I do not think the details are accurate but I think it is okay to watch the movie just to pique your curiosity and then dive into the comics after that. If you read the comics first, more or less you will not enjoy the movie and just spend the time nitpicking.

The movie is action filled and you would not be bored if you are a fan of films with a lot of CGI. If you are after plot and story then you might just get disappointed. Compared to the other three X-Men films, this seems to be lighter and trying hard to be funny (most of the time it works). The opening montage is maximized as a sufficient backgrounder, as most superhero flicks do. The editing is okay although the technique easily gets old but admirable still.

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