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Forget the story and the plot. Just watch it. Admire the special effects, laugh at Dakota Fanning getting drunk, and laugh at Chris Evans for landing yet another mutant role, less the leotard this time.

I love Viktor's power, which is similar to Nick's power but more controlled. He is like a bulletproof human! Deflecting all those bullets is just damn cool! In this movie, telekinetics are called Movers. When a Mover moves something the action produces a sound, as is common with other manifestations of telekinesis in other cult flicks like Charmed. But here, they use a special kind of visual effect, some sort of light representing the telekinetic move when it comes in contact with the thing being moved, similar to that they used with Alessandra Rossi's character's power in Etheria but with less annoying color overload. Coolness.

Dakota Fanning and the Japanese girl with a lollipop can see the future. I am not sure if they are the ones called Watchers. There is another set of special people who touch things and see something related to that thing. I do not know if they are also called Watchers. Their power is almost similar to that of Phoebe's in Charmed. I think parapsychology refers to it as Psychometry.

The Indian guy (not sure of ethnicity) perhaps is what they call a Shifter. He cannot morph into another form but he could transform things, as in change their physical appearance with a gesture of his fingers.

The Chinese siblings and the father were not named but they were quite freaky. They scream like Banshee in X-Men and can kill people by doing so. Their powerful shouts could also shatter glass, make fish in aquariums explode, and do something really bad to your eardrums. The siblings were funny because they always had that signature move of removing their sunglasses and then screaming like hell with their bulging eyes. Funny.

Camilla Bell and Djimoun Hounsou are Pushers. No, they do not do drugs. Well, Camilla is injected with something but it is a special drug to boost the ability of special people. So maybe they really do drugs. But more than that they are called Pushers because they can push you. Mind control. It is like Emma Frost's high level telepathy but in this movie they have to stare you in the eye first before they control your mind. That is not cool when you are battling people with guns. Chances are, you will get hit before you establish eye contact with someone. So no, not cool for me but it comes in handy in normal situations.

I did not follow the story much. All I could remember is that Camilla escaped a certain mutant facility with a suitcase. The suitcase is supposed to be their leverage against Division, which is some sort of special government agency dedicated to control the special people. Dakota Fanning is the cheerleader if you want to compare it with Heroes. Save the Watcher. Save the World. Or her mom. The world is really not in danger though in this movie.

There was another woman who could make you have forced seizures when she touches you. And then there is the Chinese guy who could erase memories. Who else. I think that is all, no more special people on the list. If I forgot someone it means they were insignificant, LOL.

Not a movie for the critics. And definitely not for PETA, with all the sea-kittens exploding in their aquariums. Watch this on a Friday night after a week of hell in the office. Cool fight scenes specially the screaming and fish-popping chase sequence at a Hong Kong market, and of course, the telekinetic duel between Nick and Viktor in the restaurant. Cool. Fun to watch popcorn flick.

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