Thursday, February 12, 2009

When I Met You


The poster is incomplete. Where is Marley? Oops, my bad, wrong movie. But the poster looks quite similar. Hmmm... Hahaha.

It was an okay movie. It would have been a good one if they just made it a four-part episode of some teenybopper weekend afternoon drama anthology. Typical formula for a rom-com. They hate each other. They fall for each other. They love each other. The respective partners plot against them. All squeezed in less than two hours.

KC Concepcion's acting was okay. I have not seen her debut movie but judging from the trailers it seemed like she had a diction problem, or perhaps some difficulty pronouncing words while crying and whining. For this movie she was bubbly. She made fun of herself many times but was less annoying than usual, though still annoying. I think she is really targeting the masa-jologs roles and I think she is beginning to get used to such. Her speech pattern here was more consistent and the extra puff of air indicative of being conyo is less evident.

Richard Gutierrez was also okay. The role was not that hard and did not necessitate serious drama so he was okay, though his facial expressions were still limited to three I think. I say give him more drama projects so he could finally call himself an actor. For this film I would say there was improvement in the acting of both. But they are still ham. And the movie was still cheesy. So, ham and cheese still. At least it was not over hyped.

The noisy girl sidekick was a little bit funny. Bearwin Meily was irritating as usual. Great support cast lead by Cherry Pie Picache and Tirso Cruz. Their lines were funny. In the end I do not like the movie but I do not hate it either. Okay movie. Typical plot. Corny ending. Not that over hyped. Not bad. Okay.

I am not sure though if it would reach a hundred million in the Box Office. The two leads had enough chemistry in my opinion, but people in the cinema only reacted to the mushy scenes I think two times overall. So I think it is not that kind of movie that people would watch over and over again. So there. Let us just wait and see.

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