Monday, January 19, 2009

Lost... in Translation

Lost is an American soap opera about an island plane crashing in the Pacific, Kang Man-ing in the tropical jungle (whatever that means), and a night in the face of all the bile sounds mysterious biological warfare. For enlightenment, this is what the DVD cover says:

A story from the perspective of occupational doctors Jack start an airliner crashed in the Pacific Ocean on an island, 48 passengers fortunate survivors. Not good medical care, Jack can only use the most rudimentary way people will be dying one to save. In the struggle for survival in the process, Jack became heroes. However, even if there are ulterior heroes will be a secret... The drama for the year 2004 most worth watching soap operas on television. ABC television in the United States spending huge sums - Hawaii filming, the whole story ups and downs, brought actor performances, has become a prime-time TV ratings were the highest one.

The story is about a plane crash of an island in the Pacific Ocean, 48 passengers fortunate survivors. Faced with this barren populated island, how can they survive? Survivors of all kinds, nationality, ethnic origin, cultural background, personality and so on has a tremendous difference in the 14 starring father and son, brothers and sisters, friends, but also enemies. They have to overcome the adverse natural environment, Kang Man in the tropical jungle in search of food, water, but also a night in the face of all the bile sounds mysterious biological warfare; even more difficult is that they must prevail over personal desires, excluding barrier and differences, together, seek survival.

From the synopsis this is what I understand:

1. It is a soap opera.

2. An island plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean. Are we talking about a flying island that transforms into a plane, a la Transformers? Or a la the Flying House, you know that Sunday bible cartoons where a house flies? I am confused.

3. They are Kang Man-ing in the tropical jungle. How do we Kang Man? What kind of activity is that? Is that like doing primitive moves like Tarzan swinging from trees?

4. The 48 passengers-fortunate-survivors are looking for food, water, and a mysterious sounding liver secretion (bile?) that is being developed as a weapon of mass destruction.

5. They are doing a cross promotion for other TV series. I swear I have read Heroes and Brothers and Sisters in that synopsis. Friends, too. Why would they promote Friends when it already ended? So people would buy the DVD?

6. There are ULTERIOR heroes. What exactly are they?

7. It mentioned that this is a soap opera and the story is from the perspective of occupational doctors. Is this a medical soap opera regarding doctors? In a flying, plane crashing island?

Okay fine! In a long boring night at the office I came upon this Lost thread and after an hour of Wikipedia research I found out all about this TV show and all the spoilers about it, from the Dharma Initiative to the different hatches or stations. It seems interesting and I want to watch it but the original DVD costs around a thousand bucks so I opted to buy a pirated version for 60 pesos. Cheap? Whatever, bitch. I am not a gaga fan boy yet.

True to its title, I got lost in the synopsis. I hope the subtitles would be as funny. Actually that is the pirated version of a DVD's special features, the English translations! Anyway I am going to watch them Kang Man now. Later dudes!

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