Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love Me Again


I do not get the poster so I imagined thought boxes to help me understand it.

ANGEL: Isn't this a cowboy movie? Why am I wearing this gown AND riding a horse? One more shade of red and this dress would have made me look like a White Castle girl!

PIOLO: With all these rumors circulating about my sexuality, they still made me ride this horse, staring blankly ahead, day-dreaming I was a White Castle girl... Oops. Pretend I didn't say that!

Bukidnon is so green and bucolic. (Jump to Australia) And that koala was so adorable while it was eating! And who could forget the kangaroos! There must be something wrong with a movie if you remember the flora and the fauna more than the story or the characters. Promoting local tourism is a good thing, if you are watching a DOT infomercial. This is supposed to be a movie. A cowboy movie, whatever that is.

Good thing they changed the title. Land Down Under... Land Down Under... It sounds like a porn flick. Love Me Again is also lame but at least they did not change it to a title of a song. Needs improvement.

Angel had her moments but an actress is not supposed to just have moments. Either you nail the character or you do not. Or perhaps I was just bothered by the way she speaks. I suggest more workshops and drama shows. As for Piolo his character could have been scrapped or given minimal exposure. His portrayal of roles lately seems to lack depth, almost the same style of acting over and over again.

It is nice to see Dimples Romana again as the eternal best friend. If she would appear in every Star Cinema movie as the lead girl's best friend or confidante then I believe she would be rich by the end of the year. Has Matet resigned? Does Sarah Geronimo need a new BFF in the AVSL sequel this February? Get Dimples!

What can I say about the love scene? Well aside from the special participation of Piolo's abs, there was also the special participation of Piolo's singing voice. If you call that a singing voice. It looked simulated, well it was really simulated (hello) but as actors it is their job to make it look NOT simulated. Let us just say I have seen more sex scenes done more artistically in other Star Cinema movies.

CONTINUITY. Unless you could convince me that the MMDA somehow managed to construct footbridges from Bukidnon to the Australian Outback then even a one second clip of a plane taking-off is highly necessary! Is that so hard to do? Blah. It did not help that the Australian Outback looked just like Tagaytay, except it had kangaroos hopping around.

To summarize, the story is one you have already seen before. It actually reminds me of another Piolo Pascual movie (Milan). Or maybe cowboys are just not interesting. We are cowboys, we wear denim and cowboy hats! We are cowboys, we wear plaid! Even the market vendor was wearing plaid! It is like the cowboy they are portraying here is the stereotypical Marlboro cowboy. So there are cowboys in Bukidnon. I just hope they were portrayed realistically here. It is, like, okay, they exist. So what?

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