Thursday, January 29, 2009

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The thing about Rufa Mae is either you love her or you hate her. As for me she only has to say something and whether it makes sense or not I end up laughing. She has that effect on me. I do not know why, hahaha. The comedy in the movie lies on the absurdity of the situation which is best summarized by Paolo Contis' line: "Ugali mo pang-madre. Katawan mo pang porn star." Rufa Mae was funny acting pa-demure while wearing provocative clothing and uttering her non-sense one-liners with that unique accent of hers.

The role of Paolo Contis is like Jose Javier Reyes himself. It was obvious in his lines. At least the former child star's career has been given a new lease of life, lol. He was effective as the gay confidante responsible for slapping his best friend back to reality.

Ganda ni Mylene Dizon! Hehehe. She was one of the girl friends, crass and materialistic. Her lines were raw and delivered frankly with conviction. It is just that she disappeared halfway through the movie and only reappeared towards the end.

Mark Bautista's Pacquiao accent was funny but inconsistent. He was the breadwinner boyfriend in the movie and worked in a call center, which created some hilarious scenarios for the two. "Sweat, sweat." Hehehe.

Overall it is one of those movies you could watch just for fun, stress reliever at the end of a long day. But nothing out of the ordinary. Not even a twist.

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