Thursday, August 3, 2023

Heartstopper: Episode 13

13. Heat
After making out the night before, Nick leaves a hickey on Charlie’s neck, which makes him the object of gossip and speculation as everyone tries to guess who was responsible, many of them implicating James, the only other openly gay guy in the group. The students are grouped into two for a translation exercise before climbing the Eiffel Tower, Nick ending up with Ben. Ben angrily confronts Nick and admits to him that he still has feelings for Charlie and that he stole him from him. Elle and Tao reignite their failed romance at the Louvre with a kiss, which they both enjoy this time around. Darcy continues being aloof with Tara’s serious questions and seems to be hiding something from her. Charlie faints midway through their museum trip and Nick asks him about a possible eating disorder he has observed. He receives a call from his dad, his speaking French impressing Charlie. He decides to take him along for their meeting at some random Parisian café so the two can meet.

Mr. Farouk yelling QUIET at Gen Z kids every chance he gets is not just our new spirit animal, he is all of us, basically summed up in one grumpy middle-aged guy. But the surprise of the episode happens to be Nick speaking arguably fluent French. Why? Because his dad is French. We are as surprised as his friends are about the sudden show of linguistic competence. I guess we all just assumed that his dad was dead because there was no mention in S1. And then suddenly he has a brother and a dad. Surprise! The episode is basically your typical Eurotrip with Paris as the destination, which is not a bad choice. The backdrops in most scenes and how they are framed are instantly Insta-worthy. I also love that Imogen is becoming more and more of a visible character now and even stealing some scenes. She is actually quite funny and vibrates a different kind of energy that I just look for every chance I get so more exposure for her is welcome! I feel bad for Ben, though. That guy has issues and probably needs help.

“You don't always need to understand it to enjoy it.” –Elle

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