Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Secret Invasion - Episode 3

3. Betrayed
Not knowing whether he can trust his wife who is a Skrull herself, Nick Fury goes back to Talos who reminds him of how instrumental he and his Skrulls were in his ascent at SHIELD. Earlier that day, he requests a parlay with Gravik and the two meet up at a museum in an effort to deter each other, but neither one is willing to back down. Gravik has already unveiled his Harvest plans to the Skrull council, explaining how he intends for them to gain superpowers themselves, knowing that Earth is not exactly a sitting duck in this fight because they have superheroes that will come at their behest anytime. Fury gets wind of a plan to launch a submarine strike against a UN-sanctioned aircraft which can trigger WWIII. After a little help from Sonya as far as intel goes, they track down the Skrull in charge of the launch codes but end up needing G’iah’s help to find out the abort codes, which she gives them. The strike is prevented but G’iah is caught and shot in the chest by Gravik. Varra retrieves a gun from a vault and receives a call from Gravik’s men.

Well that explains how Fury became a super spy extraordinaire. In essence, Talos’ army of Skrulls became his very own disguised network feeding him all the intel he could ever dream of. That’s why he seemed to know everything, everywhere, all at once! Given this revelation, I do not really blame the Skrulls for turning against him after his promise of finding them a home failed to materialize. Heck, he used them, after all, for his own benefit. I know I would be pissed if I were Gravik. Anyway, I find this Harvest project intriguing. How do they intend to get these powers from MCU superpowered folks of years past? Did they manage to extract their DNA or something in their three decades of moving around the planet undetected? Make it make sense, Kevin Feige. I hope they get to explain this in detail because my curiosity is now piqued. I don’t buy this whole G’iah sudden death thing. Come on, it’s just episode three. This is another development to look out for. Is she going to be experimented on or something?

“You know, the difference between statesmen and soldiers. You see, cause one lot spends the war posing for pictures, while the other does all the killing and the dying.” –Gravik

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