Thursday, March 10, 2022

[ATLANTA] So, Did I Like It?

Overall, I feel like I would thrive in Atlanta should I ever find myself relocating there. I believe I’ve already mentioned that it feels like Boston to me. It’s hard to explain. You know, big cities yet not as chaotic as some of their ‘Merican cousins. Not too crowded and has a reliable public transport system. Lots of green spaces where you can just chill. A downtown area that has its own distinct charm thanks to the public works of art. A skyline that is not jampacked but impressive, nonetheless. The list goes on.

I don’t know if I am feeling this way about Atlanta because I literally and figuratively just chilled there. I mean, the last thing I was expecting was either rain or windchill. In March. Like, seriously? In any case, I don’t believe it will be colder than Boston at any time of the year. The proximity to Florida also makes it the perfect hub for me. I guess the reason why Georgia has not been on my radar is because it seems inaccessible, flights being a bit on the expensive side every time I check. Oh well, I’m glad that I ended up liking the city.

My phone camera mysteriously died and wouldn’t turn back on despite still having 30%. I am blaming the cold weather for this. This has already happened to me more than once. And as if the timing couldn’t be any more inopportune, damn phone died on me just as about to take a snap of the Ferris Wheel next to the giant Olympic Rings on its side from a better angle. That would have been a phenomenal photo, you know. Anyway, the Centennial Olympic Park was worth the stroll. It feels like the heart of the city as well as a good vantage point for checking out where to go next.

Getting lost downtown was also fun, what with all the skyscrapers dwarfing you at every corner. And perhaps that is another reason why I ended up liking Atlanta. The sight of high-rise buildings forming a mini skyline is something I always associate with home. Somehow it felt like a mini version of New York, but way cleaner and far less congested. I could have checked out more public art installations and cityscapes, but the chilly weather has been nothing more than discouraging.

Should you ever find yourself somewhere south, dropping by Atlanta is worth the prolonged transit time. Even the metro system extends all the way to the airport, which happens to be the busiest in the United States. You are just a MARTA card away from exploring the city. In my case, I don’t think I will be back anytime soon, but I absolutely wouldn’t mind if I do. Next stop, Savannah!

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