Wednesday, September 14, 2016

[VISA] India (Single Entry)

The first time I attempted to apply for an Indian visa online, I gave up. I was in Kathmandu and the airline didn’t let me board the plane because according to them, we were not visa-on-arrival anymore, that the rules were changed a week prior to my departure. Yeah, Cuba was not the first to pull off that trick on me. I then tried to save the trip by doing the eVisa thingy online, but after several attempts at the really lengthy questionnaire, I was always denied at the payment page. That’s when I decided, fuck India.

Now with more time and more room for error, I tried again. The process is straightforward but the questionnaire is still long. They require you to upload a PDF copy of your passport page, but the maximum size in MB makes it difficult. It’s the same case with the JPG visa photo they are asking. Somehow I managed to go around it and after paying around USD50, they sent me the electronic copy of the grant notice less than a day later. You can avail of this eVisa twice per calendar year.

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