Sunday, April 17, 2016

[VISA] Australia (Single Entry)

I think Australia is the only country so far that allows Philippine passport holders to apply for a visa entirely online. You can’t imagine how convenient this is to people who are always on the go. I completed my application before I left Manila in December, and then I received a PDF copy of the visa grant almost a month later when I was already in Morocco. It took a while to process because the embassy seemed to have a huge backlog during that time, but whatevs, you don’t have to surrender your passport anyway.

They do ask for a truckload of supporting documents, so make sure that you are in good terms with your scanner. There are technical specifications that you have to follow, all of which can be found online at where you create an account, pay online, and track your visa application status. The waiting game starts after you process your payment. Documents can still be attached after that, but the delay might affect your application.

The requirements I submitted included a digital copy of my passport, all the stamps and visas on it which serve as proof of travel history, bank certificate, bank statements for the last 12 months, a passport photo, and a copy of my certificate of enrollment. The visa fee is AUD135 (~PHP4,725) if I’m not mistaken. They granted me a single entry visa valid for a stay of three months. I’ve heard of people being given multiple entries valid for a couple of years, so I guess results would vary per individual. Word of warning: the online form is quite lengthy, so make time.

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