Friday, April 1, 2016

[VISA] Sri Lanka (Double Entry)

Well, to be honest I think it’s the Taiwanese visa waiver that is the easiest to get online, but I don’t think it counts because you don’t even have to pay anything for it. Technically, it’s not even a visa. If anything, it’s more of a formality. I’d say that Sri Lanka’s e-Visa processing is just as easy as that of Turkey, except that having a visa from an OECD country is not a requirement. For Sri Lanka, you just have to pay USD35 and that’s it. Oops, I forgot you have to fill out an online form with the usual passport details and stuff.

I do not remember submitting any other requirement. I received an acknowledgment via email saying that my application has been received right after payment. Five minutes later, I got an approval notice with the ETA number, visa validity, etc. A double entry visa valid for 30 days is the norm. They don’t even send you a PDF file, which made me doubt if it’s legit or not. Well, I guess it is. If you’re staying for two days or less, a transit visa will cost you nothing, as in totally free. I should’ve just opted for a shorter stay. Bad planning!

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