Sunday, March 20, 2016

[VISA] Turkey (Single Entry)

This has got to be the fastest and easiest visa I ever processed in this lifetime. Philippine passport holders who hold an unexpired visa from any OECD country are eligible to apply for a Turkish visa online. The website states that even if you’ve already used your visa (in the case of a single-entry Japanese visa, for example) but your travel date falls before the expiry date indicated on it, you can still use it. The only requirement is that it should be on your passport, which means an Australian visa won’t do.

Go to and follow the instructions, which are straightforward and not at all confusing. You will be needing your passport details and your credit card for the payment. The whole process will not take more than 15 minutes. The biggest dilemma I encountered was that I had multiple entry visas for both Japan and the US. OMFG, which one should I choose? I ended up with Uncle Sam. ‘MERICA! I paid USD20 for the visa and received it via email an hour or two later. Yes, I’m really amused. But wait, there's MORE!

I applied for this visa online in December 2015. Back then, you could still use a Japanese visa. I've read reports that they have changed the rules and that they only accept US, UK, Ireland, and Schengen visas now. I checked it out and, unfortunately, I confirm that it is true. Too bad, multiple-entry Japanese visas are easy to get nowadays, you know. C'est la vie.

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