Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[VISA] United Arab Emirates (Single Entry)

I think I would have considered this visa as one of the easiest to get if not for the astronomical security deposit they ask you to give them. I don’t know how the system works at the UAE embassy in Manila, but if you opt to involve a travel agency and apply for a sponsored visa online, the security deposit is always mandatory. For the agency I chose, Rayna Tours, I was asked to deposit AED5,500 (~PHP71,500), which will be forfeited if I decide to overstay my welcome in the emirates.

But worry not because you will get it back. A bit of background check will do no harm and prove if an agency is scamming you or not. For Rayna Tours, the feedback has been mostly mixed. I would have to give them a high score, though, when it comes to prompt processing of the visa. I opted for rush service which cost me AED440 (~PHP5,720) and I got the PDF file containing the visa in just two days, which made it just in time before I flew to Sharjah. For that, I am thankful and satisfied.

Once you leave the emirates, you have to send them a copy of your exit stamp so they can begin processing the security deposit refund. As for the requirements, they asked me to send them a clear copy of my passport, along with my confirmed flight tickets and proof of accommodation, after filling out some basic details for the visa application on their website. Regular processing takes around 5 days and costs AED340 (~PHP4,420). The cost of the security deposit goes down if you book either a tour or your hotels with them.

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Marie said...

hello, can i pay the security deposit via credit card? thanks.

ihcahieh said...

I paid with credit card, worked just fine.

Marie said...

thanks so much, i finally got my visa :) wala na palang security bond kapag nagbook ng hotel sa kanila.

Unknown said...

Hi, How did you get a hold of Reyna Tours? do they have an email that I can exchange communication with? Thank you. -Jewel here from Makati

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