Sunday, April 26, 2015

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 5/Episode 3

5.3 High Sparrow
Arya is frustrated with the lack of training she is getting, and learns the hard way that in order to be no one, she has to bid her old self goodbye. Tommen marries Margaery, making her queen once again. She then begins to turn him against his mother. Roose reflects on the danger they would face if the families of the north united against them. Petyr reveals his master plan of wedding Sansa to Ramsay, much to her revulsion and dismay. She carries on with the plan and goes back to Winterfell after a long time, but it is not the same home that she remembers. Brienne warms up to Podrick and promises to train him as a proper knight. Jon Snow stays true to his oath to the Night’s Watch and refuses Stannis’ offer. Cersei turns against the High Septon and finds a new ally in the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce), effectively gaining a stranglehold of both church and state. Tyrion forces Varys to wander about in Volantis, where Ser Jorah happens to be staying. He abducts the imp once he is out of Varys’ sight and tells him that he’s taking him to the queen.

Aww, Baby Boy Lannister is all ecstatic in married bliss, but you just feel sad for the boy because he might be wearing the crown, but the truth is that he’s just a pawn in this game, with everyone eager to control him. Queen Wannabe already does, and it’s always fun watching two women try to outbitch one another but with subtlety and composure. Keep it classy, ladies. Damn, Brienne just revealed why she’s so attached to Renly, and I am looking forward to the day when she gets rid of ever annoying Stanny B. I feel sad for Baby Girl Stark, but if you really want to toughen up, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. And ooh, Jon Snow is facing opposition from Baldy. Castle Black is exciting once again. I can’t blame Jon Snow for throwing his weight around. Everyone has a boiling point, you know, and he got rid of Baldy for us too. It’s about time his head flew off his neck. Ser Jorah makes a comeback, guys. Apparently, the friendzone is located in a Volantis brothel. I wonder what his play is this time around. Why kidnap Tyrion, dude?

“There’s no justice in the world, not unless we make it.” –Petyr Baelish

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