Thursday, December 19, 2013

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 2

별에서 온 그대: 제2회
When Min-Joon landed on Earth 400 years ago, he was accompanied by other extra-terrestrials. Using his power to stop motion, he was able to mix well with the locals, even helping some of them with their life problems. Even so, he has since concluded that human beings do not change at all even if you lend them a hand, and that their life span is not enough for them to mature. He also met a young widow who became his friend, and then meets her reincarnation again four centuries later by saving her from a speeding truck. Song-Yi stars in her very own TV special which chronicles her life in school as a “simple student” but everything backfires when Min-Joon scolds her on camera for submitting a plagiarized report. Depressed, she visits her high school friend and indulges in soju, mistakes Min-Joon’s apartment for her own, and passes out there. She is later fetched by Lee Hwi-Kyeong (박해진), a second generation chaebol who also happens to be her childhood friend and persistent suitor. She accidentally leaves her wallet behind and as Min-Joon finds it, he sees a family photo with a young Song-Yi who resembles that young widow from the Joseon Dynasty, as well as that young girl he saved 12 years ago.

That scene at the salon where Alien makes the lights explode is so awesome. I guess this supernatural twist makes it all the more interesting, although it is better kept to a minimum so as not to overshadow the love story here. This is not Smallville, after all. It is cool how each episode seems to start with a Min-Joon flashback and end with some sort of Vlog that gives us access to what the lead characters are thinking of. It is unique like that. On the contrary, what seems to be highlighted in this episode is Song-Yi’s plight not just as a celebrity but also as a human being, and the expectations that come along with it. Again, it is that very critique of human society which makes the whole episode interesting, one coming from the extra-terrestrial, and the other coming from you as the viewer. For now, the right mix of drama and the comedy makes this show so fun to watch, and here is hoping that the said balance would not tip over anytime soon. With 20 episodes for the plot to develop, there surely is a way to keep everything interesting. 

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내가대답되야해? Should I answer that?
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