Sunday, April 21, 2013

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 3/Episode 4

3.4 And Now His Watch Is Ended
Varys gives Tyrion advice on revenge and how going slow is the way to go. Cersei warns her father about the Tyrells being a threat, but he would not hear her complaints. Varys and Lady Olenna discuss a pairing between Sansa and Loras to prevent Petyr from using her to gain more influence. Margaery convinces Joffrey to stand in front of a crowd that once mobbed him, but now welcomes him because of her charisma. After confessing that he didn’t really kill the Stark boys and that he sees Ned Stark as his real father, Theon is brought back to the torture chamber. Jaime is constantly mocked by his captors but gets encouraging words from Brienne regarding survival and vengeance. A brawl at Craster’s Keep leads to the death of Craster and Lord Commander Jeor Mormont (James Cosmo). Amidst the commotion, Samwell takes Gilly and flees with her newborn baby. Daenerys hands over her dragon as payment for the Unsullied, after which she orders them to sack the city while her dragon incinerates the slaver.

I had to watch Dragon Mama’s speech in Valyrian over and over again because wow. I mean, this is High Valyrian we are talking about as opposed to the slaver’s Low Valyrian. They are both conlangs but Emilia Clarke would have you believe that she’s been speaking it since childhood. Multilingual abilities aside, this is perhaps one of her best shining moments because she has proven that she can play the game. Some would probably argue that the end does not justify the means but what the heck. This is Westeros and Essos we are talking about. The end never justifies the means! What is she going to do with her 8000 soldiers then? Are they going to attack King’s Landing now? Wait until the dragons are bigger and scarier! Queen Wannabe also gets points for being cunning and doing what Queen Bitch has not been really able to do, which is control the uncontrollable Joffrey Bieber. We’ve got a lot of wise women in this show, and they are just a joy to watch. Keep them coming, ladies!

“I don’t distrust you because you’re a woman. I distrust you because you’re not as smart as you think you are.” –Tywin Lannister

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