Sunday, April 28, 2013

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 3/Episode 5

3.5 Kissed by Fire
Ygritte leads Jon Snow into a cave where they become a couple after consummating their relationship. Arya watches in anguish as the Hound wins his duel after slicing his enemy in half, except that the said enemy comes back to life, claiming to have been resurrected by the God of Light. Olenna and Tyrion discuss the expenses of the royal wedding, and she pledges to pay for half of the amount. Robb beheads an important ally after the murder of the Lannister captives, endangering their cause with the loss of such alliance. Jaime and Brienne are brought to Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton) where they are welcomed as guests instead of prisoners. He tells her his story after having his severed forearm disinfected. Loras flirts with his new squire, Olyvar (Will Tudor), who is actually a spy under Petyr’s employ. Tywin discovers the Tyrell’s plans to have Sansa and Loras marry each other and decides to strike preemptively by telling Tyrion that he will marry Sansa. Cersei enjoys her brother’s torment, until her father announces that she will have to marry Loras.

Wow, Prince Charming, RESPECT. He has always been the mysterious one, always preceded by his reputation but we never really knew his story. He is just the incestuous brother without humanity, without honor. This episode does him a good favor by humanizing him. I knew those quotable quotes coming out of his mouth must be coming from a good source. He has been schooled by life itself, and while the choices he has made have not all been too popular, the reasons behind them are just as legit as they could be. And for other Lannister news, am I not the only one who found it too enjoyable to see Queen Bitch’s short-lived celebration? Daddy Lannister could be such an ass. What a dick move, really. It’s as if he slapped her hard on the face. So yeah, while I enjoyed Queen Bitch being rebuffed like that, I also pity her, in particular when she cried, “Not again!” It’s such a shame how Daddy Lannister uses his kids as a pawn for this game of thrones, but hey, life is tough and one must survive, right?

“The people are hungry for more than just food; they crave distractions, and if we don’t provide them, they’ll create their own.” –Olenna Tyrell

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