Wednesday, August 22, 2012

INCHEON: Spa on Air

I have always wanted to try staying at Spa on Air even just for one night so as to satisfy my curiosity. Although I have already been in a jimjjilbang before, I wanted to know how this one differed, it being at the airport and all. It turns out it does not differ that much. I am not sure if there is a sauna but what I did see in there was a thermal pool, one hot (45 degrees) and the other cold (26 degrees), both of which were too extreme for me to even enjoy.

20,000 won is the price you pay for an overnight stay. If you want a private room, meaning a small space with a single bed (or was that a mat?) in a more secluded area, then you add around 15,000 won, which is still cheap considering that you are in the airport itself. This beats finding an accommodation in the city and having to move early just to make it to your flight. They say though that the private rooms run out fast, and so you would have to reserve in advance. But then, the place does not seem to have a webpage, and calling them would mean reserving in Korean. Just sleep on a mat on the floor just like everybody else! Besides, what makes you so special anyway?

Once you pay the fee, they give you a standard shirt and shorts, which are uniform for everyone. The showers and locker area are quite posh and would easily pass your standards more or less. There are massage services if you arrive before the evening, I guess, because there was a massage table in there. The business lounge becomes a make-shift shelter in the wee hours of the morning. In there you find people of all ages, sprawled all over the floor or slumped on one of the reclining business chairs. If a provocative sleeping pose of mine surfaces in the Internet one of these days, at least you would know where it came from. NYAHAHAHA.

Recommended? Hell yeah, I suggest you book a private room if you want comfort and convenience rolled into one. I think I developed a semi-permanent stiff neck sleeping on that chair, but at least I just had to brush my teeth and take the elevator up to the departure area an hour before my flight. Not bad!

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