Monday, August 20, 2012

[HAEUNDAE] Meeting Dongbaek's Mermaid

Please stop spreading rumors that Dongbaek’s mermaid and I are an item. The only bond we share is our common predisposition to being alone. Besides, I don't date people with fins. Wait, erase that. I don't date. Period. As for this mermaid, I really don't know what her glitch is. Seeing that she's somehow stoned, wait that doesn't sound right, "made of stone" is the term. I could only infer that she got into a fight with Medusa or something. The only other supernatural being I know who shares the same set of powers was a Physics teacher in my high school, and I'm not even sure if she has ever set foot in Busan.

The mermaid’s sole purpose is to strike an eternal pose as a beautiful background for a souvenir photo. No more, no less. Her situation is hard (pun intended) enough for her to serve yet another purpose. Cut her some slack. Anyway, this whole area called Dongbaek Park has trails that leave jogging freaks overjoyed. For everyone else, there is the striking view with some hints of Batanes because of the rock formations. The place is just next to Haeundae Beach, but neither as lively nor as crowded. That' a good thing because you're offered two rather different worlds just separated by a flight of rocky steps.

So yeah, after Busan Aquarium and Haeundae Beach, it's highly recommended that you end your day trip here for some good old fashioned bonding time with Mother Nature. Before you reach the side facing the city, you'll pass by a mini lighthouse just a stone’s throw away from the APEC building, which is a spherical building made of glass with some history and politics to it. Hello, APEC, doh.

My trip did'nt end there, though, as I had to continue walking all the way north to find an MRT station, where I finally arrived after some time. I was back in the same area the next day to check out Centum City. I'm not sure under which "gu" to categorize this so I just had it join Haeundae. The main attractions here are the BEXCO, which is a convention center; Shinsegae, which claims to be the world’s largest department store; and the Busan Cinema Center, where the Pusan Film Festival is celebrated every year. Approaching the river, you end up at APEC Park. Follow the river down south and you end up at Millak (Gwangan Bridge). Head north and you end up north. I didn't really check, sorry.

Anyway, I wanted to go inside Shinsegae because they have an ice skating rink, but the place was closed for cleaning and maintenance. Like, seriously? While I'm here? VIP? HAHAHA. Now I'm thinking whether I should find out when the Pusan Film Festival is and probably get back here to try my luck on star gazing, and then ice skate at Shinsegae after! Sounds like fun, eh? By the way, Centum City is just picturesque. I'd gladly live there given the chance!

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