Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knight and Day


The story is... Alright, who am I kidding, there is no story. Whoever produced this movie probably just woke up one day and said, Hey, wouldn't it be nice if Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz made a reunion movie where they get to shoot people, get dragged and drugged across Europe, and eventually end up in South America? And then for some reason, both actors decided to agree. Despite the weak story, it would be unjust to say that the movie is not fun. IT IS FUN and funny. The action scenes are good and the locations, better. But what makes it a hilarious visual feast is the whole surreal feel of the movie. The scenes come across as if they are normal everyday occurrences not even worth a shrug. The characters are fun to watch because they always seem to be on a high, regardless if they are drugged or not, with the exception of course of one who is obviously a special child.

Cameron Diaz's career is going backwards, she is back to playing dumb blonde roles. Tom Cruise is an action hero who can dodge bullets and bring down a mafia gang with 20 people or more. The movie somehow presents all these in a nonchalant manner, which adds to the fun.

The Knight on the title is explained but what about the Day? Maybe the director was aiming for a Mr. and Mrs. Smith kind of film and ended up with this instead. That Killers movie seems to have a similar storyline. Well, this movie is more on comedy. It does lack cohesion though. Just leave your brain at the door and enjoy.

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