Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story 3


The movie starts and ends on a happy note, although that part near the ending is just depressing. One usually relates his childhood to the toys he used to play and the cartoons he used to watch. And now a decade after, the sequel that ends the trilogy finally arrives, the storyline of which clearly suggests moving on, or better yet: growing up.

The timing could not be more impeccable given that the audience who were kids when the first and second movies came out are already adults by now. So no one would really blame you if you come close to shedding a tear by the end of the movie. For us who were kids back in 1995, Toy Story is already a part of our childhood and although that childhood could no longer return, Toy Story 3 tells us that the memories will always be there and that they would stay forever.

For kids who are new to this, they would still enjoy the movie. The animation is way better now and the characters are still funny, not to mention the new ones added to the roster of the cast. Bo Peep did not make it to the ending. Taking her place in the gang is Barbie, who finds a reason to flirt after meeting Ken. The viewing experience is different depending on the age group watching it. Kids would not be able to relate to the story yet, so for them this would be just another cartoon which would eventually be a part of the childhood memories they are currently forming for themselves. But for us kids a decade ago, it is a different story.

You do not have to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D. Watching it in 2D is as good as watching it in 4D, if there is such a thing. The emotions it stirs up within you, the reminiscing of your own childhood, everything. This movie is not just a summary of the whole series. It is a summary of your childhood. I have seen more than a dozen tearjerkers in the last few years. Who would have thought a cartoon which is not even intended to be dramatic would be the one to almost make me cry inside a cinema. Even as I write this, I still feel like crying. Lakas ng tama. Shit.

Those three green aliens are so adorable by the way, always have been. And they are consistent with the ooooh which they do in unison and their fascination with claws, HAHAHA. I will miss them all. =(

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