Saturday, May 16, 2009

BFF Best Friends Forever


Very similar to but not as funny as the other Derramas comedies. You can watch this movie if you want a quick laugh but you will probably forget all about it after a day or two. I think that is the right term, "forgettable."

Derramas' definition of comedy is absurdity, exaggeration, ad hominem jokes, and Eugene Domingo. Almost all of the time it is actually Uge who makes it work. Too bad she is not in this movie. Chokoleit has some funny scenes but he lacks the screen presence. Maybe that is the reason why she is not here.

Brain drain on the side of the writers. They resort to ripping off lines from songs and some of Sharon's quotable quotes in her previous movies. The jokes are either hit or miss. As usual it is Ai Ai's delivery that deserves to be commended. But delivery is all about style, and Ai Ai's style is getting old. Sharon tries to emulate it but it does not work for her. At least she is able to redeem herself with a drama scene or two. I like her first breakdown scene. Ai Ai also has a breakdown scene, but if put next to Sharon's, it pales in comparison.

Gabby Concepcion has a cameo appearance at the end of the movie. The theater was not full, but it got a pretty wild reaction from the audience. If this pair could still manage to make crowds wild until now, I wonder how popular they were during their heydays. Must be very big, huh? I have no idea.

What happens to John Estrada's character is plain stupid, and I think is a last ditch attempt to stay true to the friendship theme and force the corny (and inappropriate, referring to Honey's cheerful demeanor before the movie ends) ending.

But the movie also has a few highlights. I like the rapport and the throwing of lines between Ai Ai and Empress (mother and daughter here) specially that particular scene at the balcony where she accuses her mother of doing... hahaha. And Sharon's scene with the maid who told her "English please" is also a bit funny. The waiting-in-the-taxi scene is also funny. Gina Parreño is also funny but OA and underutilized. My favorite scene is the confrontation after the mass ("Half moon! Full moon!" hahaha.) Other than that, mostly boring parts.

The first half of the film is where all the jokes (both corny and tolerable) are. The second half is where all the drama scenes are. and it bothers me that they really have to cut the drama short with a corny event or dialogue just to remind us that it is still a comedy movie. Hello, we are not that stupid. We get the point.

If you ever face the dilemma of choosing between this film and Angels & Demons, by all means choose the latter. Do not say I did not warn you.

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