Saturday, August 11, 2007

Killing Me with Cuteness and Mediocrity

August 6 - 12
Killing Me with Cuteness and Mediocrity

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. End of Me [RAVEN]
  2. Lights and Sound [YELLOWCARD]
  3. One Night Only [HUDSON]
  4. It Ends Tonight [ALL AMERICAN REJECTS]
  5. Holler [SPICE GIRLS]
Movie of the Week: The Simpsons Movie
  • I am not a Simpsons fan but this movie certainly converted me into one. Has this show always been this sarcastic and funny? I thought South Park was enough comedy for me. I didn’t know I was actually missing a lot!
  • LSS na ako sa Spider-Pig! Sino ang may mp3!!! What happened to Spider-Pig anyway? Hindi na siya pinakita after the escape sequence.
  • Spider-Pig. Spider-Pig. Does whatever the Spider-Pig does. Can he swing from a web? No he can’t. He’s a pig. Look out! He is the Spider-Pig. ROFL!
  • Every scene in this film is actually funny but for me the funniest was that of Green Day performing on the barge. When they paused for a minute to talk about environmental awareness the people started throwing anything they can which made the barge sink and then the trio did a spoof of the Titanic violinists. Afterwards there was a mass where there was a “funeral version” of American Idiot being played on the piano, lol.
  • May sense din naman yung movie behind the laughs. I think they are fighting to save the environment nga, hehehe. I don’t know it seemed to be the main focus of the movie. Kahit comedy siya beneath it all may message. Sa South Park movie naman parang tolerance of other cultures kasi lagi nilang tinitira ang Canadians tapos sa ending nagkabati bati rin sila lahat, lol. Bakit hinahanapan ko ng meaning? Shet nababaliw na ko.
  • There simply is no dull moment in this movie. I think almost every scene made the audience laugh. Of course the funniest scenes were the awkward ones like when Maggie smashed her baby bottle and threatened the monkey back. There were a handful of celebrity cameos as well.
  • The movie is like an extended single episode as some people in the online community already pointed out. The story of the movie is about environmental pollution and how it almost destroyed the town where they lived. I think that summarizes it. Homer is the culprit of course.
  • Another funny scene was when Marge and Bart were inside the convenience store and they saw their WANTED poster. Marge distracted the store owner and then Bart drew fake hair and everything on it and then the family he drew came to the convenience store and got arrested instead of them. Luma na yung joke pero benta pa rin.
  • This definitely is the best comedy I’ve seen so far for this year. Ratatouille is no match in terms of comedy. As in.
  • It managed to rake in $74 something million in its opening weekend at the North American Box Office. $75 million lang ang budget nila. Bawi na.
1 vs. 100: This is ABS-CBN’s new quiz show franchise. The premise: 1 vs. 100. The studio player will be asked multiple choice questions and there will be a group called the MOB with 100 members. They will also answer the questions and those who get it wrong will be eliminated. The prize money accumulates and it could only be taken home if all of the 100 is defeated. Exciting!

Language: Needless to say the Korean language is killing me with its cuteness right now. I’ve realized that I already have 4 Koreanovelas in line for DVD marathon sessions. I’ve decided to restart learning Korean & divided the 15-chapter book into mini sessions lasting 3 months. My problem in language learning is that I’m always ambitious in the sense that I tend to rush language learning by reading a couple of chapters in 1 session. I’ll try this new method & see if it’s better. I’m already familiar with the hangul and I’ve already memorized the “Important Expressions” that a typical foreign language book will give you at the first chapter. My favorite so far is soo-goh-hah-shoss-soh-yoh. The book says it means “Well done,” or “Good job.” I think this is the cutest among the expressions I’ve learned so far, lol. Pronounce the bold o like the o in love. Cute!

Academics: The PS 150 exam was overrated and yet my performance was mediocre at best. I can’t seem to change this study habit of mine. I think I’m a crammer by nature and seeing that it works simply means that there is no effort to eradicate it. It seems that I really do prefer cramming on the day of the exam than studying tidbits of the coverage a week prior to it. As mentioned, mediocre.

Weather: It was raining the entire week except Friday I think. If I remember correctly there were two storms named “Chedeng” and “Dodong.” As usual DepEd suspended Wednesday class right after students had already come to school. Hello where’s the sense in that? As usual they suspended classes for all levels the next day (Thursday) when there was less rain. At least we got to rest.

Work Again?: My former supervisor is contacting me and arranged a meeting for Thursday. Some of my co-workers were also invited. They will be establishing a new call-center and will be in need of Spanish-speaking agents. This would mean work again. I’ll still think about it. If it won’t match with my schedule maybe I’ll just defer the offer (if possible) until the semester ends in October. Confused...

Water: We now have water supply, that which could fill a 5-gallon container in three days. How fun! The good news is that at least the water boys are allowed access of the elevators again and so the 25 pesos decreased to 10 pesos once again. The bad news is that they could only access the elevator after 12 midnight, which means we have to sleep late if we don’t want to stink the next day. Fun!

Health: My average daily sleep is just 6 hours which is 2 hours less than necessary. The sad thing is I guess I wouldn’t be able to pay off that sleep debt, shet. On the other hand I’ve been making “lamon” oatmeal everyday regardless of its blandness and drinking lots of water has been part of routine lately. I don’t know if that would offset the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation. Bad me.

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