Monday, August 20, 2007

Edu Manzano, Here I Come!

August 13 - 19
Edu Manzano, Here I Come!

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. All I Want for Christmas is You [CAREY]
  2. One Night Only [BEYONCé]
  3. Love at First Sight [KYLIE]
  4. One Night Only [HUDSON]
  5. Papaya [PGKNB THEME]
Movie of the Week: A Love Story
  • The title is already sufficient for you to know what the movie is all about. It is a love story which makes it different from other love stories because it has a guessing game portion in the first half of the movie.
  • There were scenes shot in Macau but of course you only know that because I’m telling you now (unless you have seen the movie already).
  • The trailer is very effective because it makes you very curious. You want to know who the mistress is and who the wife is. And so you end up watching the movie.
  • Possible alternative titles: “Sino ang Kabit?” “Guess the Mistress.”
  • A lot of drama scenes for Angelica here but the one in Délifrance with Maricel simply did not work for me. As for the other drama scenes, ok tolerable. Is it me or is she fatter than she should be? I’m talking about the first half of the movie (the flashback scenes). Fino photoshop ba talaga yung mga magazine centerfold niya?
  • Maricel is the one you should watch in this film. Her acting here is just normal. Hindi siya nagtataray. Hindi siya dumadakdak. Her acting was plain and for me that’s a good thing. Parang walang ka effort effort. Natural na natural ang dating.
  • The only thing that’s new about Aga is his abs. Lagi na lang ganitong characters ang pino portray niya. From Dubai to All My Life to this film lagi na lang siyang eligible bachelor. It’s as if wala na siyang range as an actor. I remember him play a psycho in a 90’s movie once and effective naman siya. I wonder when he will play a more challenging role.
  • With three or more love scenes in the film the love triangle did show some of their “assets.” Aga flaunts his abs once in a while. Angelica flaunts her cleavage as usual and Maricel flaunts her legs.
  • I’m just a little worried about Angelica Panganiban’s roles every time she does a TV series or movie with Maricel Soriano. In Ama, Ina, Anak she was Maricel’s daughter. In Vietnam Rose she was Maricel’s sister. In this film she is Maricel’s kaagaw. I wonder what role she will portray in her next TV show or movie with Maricel. Maricel’s mother perhaps? Granny?
  • Dante Rivero was funny. Old sick people who talk nonsense in movies are funny. That’s why they are there, to be funny.
  • “Ang bulaklak parang babae. Wag mong pipitasin kung sisirain mo lang because you will never find another flower as beautiful as her.”
  • Best scene for me was the Aga - Maricel confrontation scene in the kitchen.

1 vs. 100: The screening was fun. I arrived at ABS-CBN at 10 AM and we finished at around 5 PM. There was an exam (10 Identification and 20 Multiple Choice.) The Multiple Choice questions were easy and the Identification questions were the hard ones. Only 107 of us remained from the more than 500 (approx) who came. We introduced ourselves one by one after the one-hour break. They said that they only need 101 and so 6 would be removed. Being the eternally dull human being that I am I’m actually nervous that I’ll be removed! Hahaha. Our face was registered via webcam along with our finger prints (haha, parang NBI, lol) via a special finger scanning technology thingie into a computer system. This game show will be hosted by Edu Manzano and it will be shown in primetime once a week (Saturday or Sunday). Wish me luck. Sana matuloy.

Alfie’s Luck: When it rains it pours. Ambergris also called during my 1 vs. 100 screening asking me to go there for an interview. I don’t know what the heavens are trying to accomplish in giving me this lucky threesome (pardon the term) but whatever it is I’m definitely taking advantage. Opportunities knock only once. I have two knocking on my door right now. Ambergris I already dismissed. Aja! =)

Pilipinas GAME KNB?: The day after the 1 vs. 100 screening PGKNB texted asking me to go for a screening to ABS-CBN Saturday at 9 AM. I was devastated because I also had an exam at 9 AM in Diliman but thanks to NDCC classes were suspended. I’ve been waiting for this for 2 years now. That’s how frustrated I am to join PGKNB. I arrived at 9 AM. We were at once brought to the PGKNB set. The set is so small!!! Cameras really do magic tricks, parang ang laki nito sa TV e! We were asked to answer a 10-question exam. Only those who got 8 and above were asked to stay so from 500+ only 106 were left (107 sa 1 vs. 100 nung isang araw). We were asked to introduce ourselves (All 106 of us) and say something different about us. So I just told them that my hair is weird because when it’s long I look gay; when it’s semikal I look like a convict; and when it’s short I look like an addict. The 2nd exam was similar in format to the first one (also 10 questions). The result was not revealed. Pa suspense pa ang mga mokong. You’ll only know if you passed if they text you or call you within a few weeks. First taping day is on Friday at 1. I think I only got 8 in the 2nd exam because I didn’t know that siling labuyo and siling haba are different kinds of SILI! Ano ba! I also answered “Smile, JESUS loves you” instead of “Smile, GOD loves you” Stupid me.

Long Weekend: Thanks to Bagyong Egay (how insensitive sa mga nasalanta!) we had a very long weekend. Last Tuesday I declared a personal half-day holiday. Classes were suspended from Wednesday to Saturday and Monday is another holiday. If and when I feel like it I could declare another personal holiday on Tuesday which makes this the longest weekend ever, a whole week to be exact!

Academics: Because of the three consecutive typhoons that hit the country classes were suspended and all of our exams were postponed. Kamusta naman. Now I have to face four exams by the end of this week. At least I could still review because laziness got the best of me this week and I wasn’t able to review seriously for these exams. Bad me. Tambak na naman ang make up classes, tsk tsk tsk.

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