Sunday, July 8, 2007

Takas Dali!

Juillet 2 -8
Takas Dali!

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. Give It Up to Me [SEAN PAUL]
  2. Gossip Folks [MISSY]
  3. Over It [MCPHEE]
  4. Kembot [AMBER]
  5. Obsessions [FRANKIE J]
Event of the Week: Transformers
  • The story is about a cube which I think was called All-Spark (Sorry wasn’t listening) which fell on Earth and had the power to create life? (Sorry not listening again) and of course the good Transformers were after it so that the Decepticons won’t be able to get it and destroy the planet.
  • This is one of those movies that you never intended to watch but finally decided to after being indirectly bombarded with raves (Ang ganda ng Transformers! The best ang transformers!) both online and actual.
  • After seeing the movie I could actually summarize it with one adjective and an exclamation point: AMAZING! Now I’m raving too. If you haven’t watched it yet then do it now before Harry Potter arrives.
  • Shia Labeouf must have had a blast doing this film. He was the most robot-chased character, not to mention he’s been having a lot of projects lately and this could be considered the best to date.
  • I think what moviegoers liked best about this movie is the great combination of CGI and COMEDY. Nowadays we barely see movies about the destruction or invasion of our planet done comically. They are always dead serious. This movie however allows you to sit back, relax, and utter: “Wow they are invading our planet, that’s so funny!”
  • Everyone in this film was funny except the lead girl (Megan Fox?) who was more sexy than funny, Josh Duhamel who was more trying-hard to be serious than funny, and the British girl analyst who was more nerdy than funny (in a sexy kind of way). The mom was funny. The dad was funny. And of course Shia’s character was funny. The robots were funny. Even Angelina Jolie’s daddy was funny at some point. Even the Chihuahua...
  • It could be attributed to my being retarded that the scene I found funniest of them all was the part where the F-7 detained the family and the mother suddenly said: “Hurt my dog I’ll kick your ass.” It was said in a very simple manner and there wasn’t even any exaggeration involved but the audience roared in laughter myself included. The runner up scene would be the part where Megatron and Optimus Prime fell from the building tapos pinitik ni Megatron yung taong katabi niya sabay hirit ng, “Disgusting.”
  • I’ve also encountered a lot of criticisms regarding movie critics (Now they are being criticized, lol) finding it strange that the Transformers were actually talking. All I can say is that in the single vague recollection of the Transformers cartoons that I have I actually remember that the motorcycle who used to transform into a somewhat bald Transformer actually speaks.
  • This film is one hell of a visual spectacle and you can’t help but get amazed. Unfortunately it also borders on visual overload. Seeing multicolored metal cracking jokes and making fun of people is fun but when you see them killing each other in swift motion your eyes sometimes just get tired and give up altogether trying to figure out what’s happening.
Languages: Like I’ve said before I have already concentrated everything language learning to Spanish and French. I could say I’ve already made progress in French. Unlike before when I used to read a French book and then forget everything I’ve read after a week, now I could say that the case is different. I also think I’m already mastering the sound system thanks to audio-lingual learning.

Academics: I already said that Political Science 150 (Philippine Public Administration) is a big bore but I’m glad that I’m starting to get the hang of it. Being bored and beginning to understand something about the course is better than being bored and not understanding anything at all, like what’s happening to Calculus. We’ve already started discussing Limits or should I say THEY have already begun discussing Limits. What the hell is a Limit? I don’t know but every time I hear that word all I could relate to it is that Mean Girls scene with Lindsay Lohan in a ponytail screaming, “The Limit does not exist! The Limit does not exist!” The first departmental examination will be on Wednesday. Fuck this I’m doomed. Economics is all good. Political Science 186 is very interesting but I don’t like the Saturday morning time slot because I’m still groggy at that time.

Retarded Mood Swings: My mood swings have been strangely retarded lately. Extremes ang drama nila ngayon. There are days when I feel so very happy as if were drugged and some times so very low as if I were suicidal. All of this is controlled of course and in a sense theoretical since I have never drugged myself yet and neither have I tried committing suicide to actually know how any of those two instances makes a person feel. What I am trying to do now is actually detect which activities bring these extreme mood swings and try to manipulate them to my advantage. The question now is whether these two mood swings are actually dependent on my daily activities. What if the chemicals in my brain are really retarded and they have already done much damage for me to feel this way? I still don’t know the answer but I do have an alternative solution already: ESCAPE.

Escape: When the chemicals in your body are theoretically retarded or just insufferably attention-deficient you are left without a choice but escape. Hello Harry Potter. Hello Yoo Rin. I have started rereading my Harry Potter collection as preparation for the final book which comes to all your Powerbooks branches at July 21, 2007 at exactly 7 AM. I have gauged my reading speed and I have discovered that I could do at least 150 pages of Harry Potter a day, which in my opinion is slow but I think it would be sufficient to be able to finish Book 6 before July 21. I also bought a pirated DVD copy of My Girl. I’ve already scanned the DVD and have been laughing my head off ever since. Lee Da Hae is such an effortless comic. Her facial expressions alone could make me LOL amp; ROFL. Guess reading and watching are good escape routes from one’s oh so complicated life.

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