Wednesday, May 9, 2007

On Baptisms, Boredom, and the Question “Why”

Maio 29– 6
On Baptisms, Boredom, and the Question “Why”

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. All You Wanted [BRANCH] ß swak na swak!
  2. Makes Me Wonder [MAROON5]
  3. Imprescindible [BEYONCé]
  4. Love Team [ITCHYWORMS]
  5. Way Back into Love [GRANT/BARRYMORE]
Movie of the Week: Spider-Man 3
  • Alam mo MJ natanggal ka sa trabaho kasi obvious na obvious naman na di mo boses yung kumakanta. Anong akala mo sa amin, tanga? Magli lip synch ka na nga lang di pa kapani paniwala. Kung si Kirsten Dunst man talaga ang kumanta nun, pasensya na pero di talaga believable.
  • What I like most about Spider-Man movies is that the opening theme serves as a refresher showing important clips and stills from the last installments, tapos meron pang X-Men feel.
  • Of the three Spider-Man films this is by far the weakest but this will surely be the one with the highest gross since people think that this will be the last. Unfortunately there are rumors that a fourth film is being planned already. I think it is a bad idea, they should stop at three.
  • This film already broke numerous Filipino Box Office records. Some of them include: FASTEST TO Php200 million (6 days), Highest Single Day Gross for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I don’t know which film holds the Highest Single Day Gross for Monday or if it has already been beaten as well.
  • $151 Million opening weekend in the North American Box Office, beating previous records set by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest last summer. Already #120+ on All-Time North American Box Office in just after 3-4 days of release.
  • The problem with this film is that there are just too many characters. Ano ito, X-Men? Two villains + one villain turned sidekick. They should have just developed that one villain turned sidekick into a hardcore villain and reserved Venom for the fourth installment.
  • What happened to the Sandman in the end? Did he die? Did he go away to a retreat house or something? Walang closure, ano ba.
  • While Tobey Maguire’s “dancing skills” provided a comedy feel for the movie, I think he should just stick to web-slinging.
  • As of press time, Spider-Man is #7 and Spider-Man 2 is #10 in the all-Time North American Box Office, obviously Spider-Man 2 will fall out of the Top 10 to make way for this third installment. Sayang, if it just grossed higher ito sana ang first movie installment ever to have all installments in the all-Time Top 10.
  • Mas maganda yung naunang dalawa sa series...
  • May “WTF-that’s it?!” factor yung ending.
  • Balik eksena si Uncle Ben dito, wala lang... hehehe
Binyag ni Summer: Nabinyagan na si Summer Audrey, ang panganay ng susunod na henerasyon ng mga Millar. Ninong ako, actually ang dami namin. I don’t know how to fulfill the role of a ninong but I will try my best. To me this kid is special because she will lead the new generation of the clan. Furthermore she is a living example that we (cousins and I) are not kids anymore. She is a screaming billboard saying: “Oh grow up!” specially to immature people like myself, hahaha! At dahil may binyag, merong party pagkatapos. Like I always say, parties and I don’t mix. Pumunta rin ang mga kabarkada ni Aina na batchmates namin (Altair, Charm, April, Chiqui, Rissa, did I miss anyone?) Actually nahihiya ako kasi di man lang ako nakihalubilo sa kanila. Ang labas tuloy nag suplado ako. Well, I hope they could read this blog entry. This is another example of that “It’s-not-you-it’s-me” issue. There is definitely nothing wrong with the people in the party (my cousins included) but there is definitely something wrong with me. I just don’t want them getting the idea that I don’t enjoy their company because that’s not the case. Let’s just put it this way, the sarcastic-fairly social “Dan” my batchmates knew from 2002 and beyond ay nag AWOL. The “Alfie” that my cousins knew from four years ago tagged along with that “Dan” and honestly I don’t know when they would come back or if they will ever do. I think I have lost the ability to socialize with people (which is weird for some but trust me, not for me). I think this is what four years of boredom does to someone. Honestly I couldn’t blame anyone other than myself because I chose to live my life this way. I just hope that people around me would understand why I am like this and not judge me as a self-centric a-hole. Summer, maligayang pagdating sa mundo!

Work: I therefore conclude that my job has finally become a real JOB. Jobs are boring and the main reason for having one is financial in nature. I used to think that mine was more of a language enrichment exercise. That was how it used to be but now it is no longer true. Ever since most of the Spanish agents left the office has become a boring place. Boring place + Boring self = Boring job. Wala ring kasiguraduhan sa patutunguhan ng kumpanya. Kung lilipat sila ng Ortigas definitely ayoko sumama. I could find part-time jobs in other call centers nearby, marami namang naghahanap ng Spanish kaso parang tinatamad na ako. Hihinto na lang siguro ako for this semester. Hindi ko alam, naguguluhan pa ako. At least makakapahinga ako kung hihinto ako magtrabaho for the first sem and manage to have a successful academic comeback. Bahala na. Go with the flow.

Languages: I’ve realized that for Filipinos like us the easiest Romance language that we could learn is Spanish for various reasons. The thing is that the accents could confuse you a big deal. I recommend Italian for those who want to learn a Romance language. It is hard at first but when Italians speak the sound is almost always crystal clear. It will definitely be an easy task to recognize the words.

That Interrogative Pronoun WHY: “WHY” is the question word I’ve used the most this week. I guess I’m in that stage of life where a person asks a lot of questions beginning with this word! Nakakabaliw, to think baliw na ako in the first place. Kahit gumamit ka pa ng “WHY” sa iba’t ibang lengwahe nade detect pa rin ng utak mo. Nakakapagod din pala mag isip. Give up or carry on? Why?

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