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Thou Shall Not Wear Foundation on a Job Interview

Abril 22– 28
Thou Shall Not Wear Foundation on a Job Interview

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. We’re All in This Together [HSM OST]
  2. You’re Still You [GROBAN]
  3. Imprescindible [BEYONCé]
  4. Perhaps Love [GOONG OST]
  5. My Humps [ALANIS]
Movie of the Week: Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Young girl seeks refuge in her own make-believe world in Franco’s fascist Spain. Like Jessica Zafra says in her blog, fascism has no weapons against the imagination. Very well said.
  • You have to see this film. IMHO this is the best film Mexico has ever produced. Guillermo del Toro, the director of this film, was also the director of Hellboy and its sequel. Magaling siya sa mga fantasy films.
  • Del Toro knows how to fuse reality with fantasy and he does it well. In this film the distinction between the two is blurred, the viewer is left to think and believe what s/he wants to believe is real.
  • The fantasy scenes are... fantasy but when you finally realize what they symbolize you will begin to believe that the fantasy scenes are even more real than the real scenes themselves.
  • If Abigail Breslin can have an Oscar nomination for Little Miss Sunshine, I don’t understand why Ivana Baquero wasn’t even nominated, ang galing umarte nung bata. O kaya kung hindi siya, at least si Maribel Verdú man lang, she’s so brilliant in this film you will eventually forget that she was once the sexmate of Gael and Diego in Y Tu Mama Tambien. Ang mga scenes niya ang may pinakamaraming adrenaline rush lalo na nung nabuking siya ni El Capitan tiyaka nung hinahabol na siya sa hills.
  • The story will move you and the cast is very effective. The effects are ok naman, kapani paniwala. Since civil war ang setting may makikita kang binabaril ng harap harapan at paulit ulit, mga sinasaksak, at walang kaarte arte yun ipapakita talaga kung saan tumama yung bala and stuff kaya tatamaan ka rin habang nanonood. Yung fantasy world ni Ofelia maganda yung connection sa real events na nangyayari sa story
  • Ito lang ata ang film na napanood ko na hindi lang for fun ang special effects (Well sabi nila may social relevance daw ang LOTR but for me it’s just another fantasy movie set in another world) Ito kasi maire relate mo dun sa story set in the real world yung story set in the fantasy world. Nakakaaliw kapag nakikita mo yung connection at nakukuha mo yung gusto ipahiwatig ng direktor.
  • Ang arte mamatay ng mga characters dito, pagka baril maglalakad pa ng kunti o kaya hahawakan yung part na tinamaan ng bala tiyaka mamamatay.
  • Ganda ng ending ni Ofelia, sad pero tagos sa puso, brilliant storytelling.
Nag apply na naman ako sa isang Call Center ngayong linggo na ito at dahil wala naman akong maikwento, ito na lang ang ikekwento ko, lol. Selected excerpts lang for every applicant, can’t recall everything. Italics are comments...

Contestant Number One: Female, late 20’s, married
Q: You have a daughter, how is she like? A: My seven year old daughter speaks English as well because we practice speaking English at home... Hire the daughter as well!

VERDICT: Passed. Fluent in English, hisband is working in the company.

Contestant Number Two: Female, early 20’s, single
Q: If asked to pick a day, what will you choose? A: Sunday. Q: Why Sunday, what do you do on Sundays? A: On Sunday I will go to province in Batangas because mother and I sell fish in market. Her English accent is weird and her grammar is weirder Q: I think you misunderstood my question. I’m interested in what you habitually do on Sundays, your hobbies? A: My cousins and I go to mall because my cousins are kids and we play on the floor. Okay... naglulupasay sila sa floor?

VERDICT: Failed. Makes me wonder, if the government will just invest in a better high school English curriculum for the provinces then they could be the main supplier of human resources in call centers, which in turn would be relocated there. That way, degree holders would in a way be persuaded to find a job in their real fields or if they still want call centers, they will be forced to go to the provinces, less humans in Metro Manila! Yahoo...

Contestant Number Four: Male, early 20’s, single
Q: How are you feeling today? A: I feel a little bit dizzy. Q: Why? A: I don’t know. Q: Would you like some candy? A: No, I’m okay. Q: Pick a color. A: My favorite color is green but I will pick black. Q: Why black? A: Because black is the color of formality. Q: Why is black the color of formality? Leche caught offguard! A: Uhm... I don’t know, because black is formal. Duh, begging the question... Black is the color of boredom, and I am a boring person. Q: Are you bored? A: I am bored and boring. Q: Maybe you need someone by your side so your life won’t be boring. Shet, is this a weekday edition of The Buzz? A: Haha! Q: Are you happy? Dr. Phil? Oprah? A: Well that depends on how you define happiness, right now I have no urgent desire whatsoever to be happy.

VERDICT: Passed. A little conceited but American accent plausible.

Contestant Number Seven: Admitted Bi Male, early 20’s, unknown
Q: How long will you stay in the company? A: I will stay long because of emotional reasons, there are a lot of bisexuals in this company and I think I will like it here. Na windang ako sa sagot na ito, hija pilit ang British accent mo.

VERDICT: Passed. Lucky, actually admitted that transfer is due to incurring a lot of tardiness in former company, not a very good sales pitch.

Contestant Number Nine: Allegedly Male, early 20’s, in a relationship
Q: Are you wearing foundation? A: Yes. Q: Are you straight or bi? Okay, this initial interview is getting weirder by the minute A: I’m not gay, I have a girlfriend. Q: Are you sure? A: Yes. Q: Ok, maybe my gaydar is just not working properly today. What do you like most about your girlfriend? A: I like that she loves me even if I look gay. Touching, you should have cried, baka naawa sa yo.

VERDICT: Failed. Kawawa ito, pinagtawanan siya ng ibang applicants.

Mahaba pa dapat, wala nang space e. Isang linggo na naman ang natapos! =p

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