Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Hawkeye: Episode 5


5. Ronin
2018. During a mission to save a Black Widow who does not want to be rescued, Yelena Belova’s quick five-second trip to the loo takes away five years of her life as she gets dusted by Thanos’ snap. As she is brought back like many others, the first person she looks for is her sister. Cut to present, she ambushes Kate in her old apartment for a small chat. She insists that Barton killed her sister, but Kate suggests she find out who hired her to assassinate him who she wholeheartedly believes to be a good person. Donning his Ronin suit once again, Clint decides to settle the score with a relentless Maya once and for all. They engage in a duel which he easily wins. As he tells her how it was her big boss who hired him to murder her father, seeds of doubt are planted about the loyalty of her right-hand man. Yelena follows Kate’s advice and makes a discovery that will be hard for the young archer to swallow, for it is her very own mother Eleanor who hired Belova, with proof of her involvement via a photo with the Kingpin.

Great episode over all after last week’s filler chapter. I did have my doubts about the mom. Most of the time it’s the ones you’d least expect, although it’s pretty obvious that she wouldn’t be your hands-on kind of villain. I mean, Vera Farmiga usually fights supernatural threats like Valak. She does not seem like an Avenger type of weapon-wielding big bad to me. This feels like a transition series, the culmination of the Barton era but just the start of the Bishop period. They obviously need a bigger subplot for the young heroine. It’s a good way to tie up all the loose ends and introduce a bigger conflict for the new Hawkeye protegée. So, now that the Kingpin is confirmed, is it going to be Vincent D’Onofrio? The mobile phone photo looks a bit blurred so I really can’t confirm. I suppose if Charlie Cox is coming back as Daredevil, might as well get him as Wilson Fisk again. After all, those two were quite popular with fans of the Netflix series. I hope Clint finally gets his peace with his family when all this is over. Give the guy a break already.

“Relax, Kate Bishop. I just want to talk, okay?” –Yelena Belova

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