Friday, February 26, 2021

WandaVision: Episode 8

8. Previously On
Salem, 1693. Agatha Harkness is accused by her coven of dabbling in dark magic beyond her control. As they attempt to subdue her for good, she proves to be more powerful than all of them and sashays her way down from the stake. She is curious as to how Wanda has been able to create her own make-believe world from scratch and uses her twins as leverage for a trip down memory lane: her childhood in Sokovia and the death of her parents; joining Hydra’s experiments as a revenge plot; her feeling of isolation and despair after the death of all those close to her. When she tries to retrieve Vision’s body at SWORD’s headquarters, she receives a title deed for a plot of land in Westview, NJ which is when she moves in and spontaneously crafts the town after all the sitcoms she used to watch growing up. A confrontation between the two witches ensues as Agatha takes Wanda’s kids hostage. At the makeshift SWORD base, Hayward watches in awe as Vision's body, now all white, is brought to life by traces of Wanda’s chaos magic.

Mephisto, bruh, if you still want to come out there is still one episode left. LOL. I guess we’ve all been duped, then? Agatha Harkness seems to be the common case of the literally aging diva who gets caught off-guard by the arrival of a new superstar that can outshine her. As such, this all appears to be a combination of intense curiosity and a bruised ego. After all, if she is old enough to have lived through the Salem Witch Trials, then imagine her chagrin finding out that a new witch in town can singlehandedly produce her own sitcom without centuries of practice. What I hate about this twist is that Marvel is committing the same mistake they did when they introduced Hela in Thor Ragnarok. They are wasting a good character as a one-off villain. But then again we still have one episode left, which I suppose will be action packed as hell and a giant cliffhanger. One more question: who is the android in the mid-credits scene? Ultron? Evil Vision? Damn it, we need more episodes to be honest. Sepanx will be so real at this point.

“This is chaos magic, Wanda. That makes you the Scarlet Witch.” –Agatha Harkness

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