Monday, July 16, 2012

[CORON] Maquinit Hot Springs

Maquinit Hot Springs was not really part of the itinerary post-Malcapuya. What led me to the decision to go there despite the already tiring boat trip was the offer of another solo tourist who said that it was part of his hotel’s package deal somewhat. What? The 300-peso back and forth tricycle fare to get there. Convincing the only other Pinoy in the group to also join us, we managed to bring down the cost to a hundred pesos each.

The so called Hot Springs are a group of three man-made pools that get its hot water directly from the waterfall above it. We were not able to confirm if the water was naturally hot, but I guess it would be cheating to call it a hot spring if the heating system used was artificial. Why am I even bringing this up? It is hot, end of discussion! Wait, exactly how hot? Well, not so much as to burn you alive. Everything seems uncomfortable at first until your body adjusts to the temperature after 10 minutes or so. It is all relaxation after that.

I surfaced after just half an hour because I did not like the humidity. I guess there are times when the weather is just perfect for such a relaxing bath but I was just not feeling it at that moment. The bathing crowd was not that thick that evening. In fact, there were just enough to guarantee a rather pleasant communal experience. Unlike the Korean counterpart, we are not forced to strip down here. Your favorite bathing suit would suffice.

One suggestion I am more than willing to share is the importance of having a ride back to the town center. Blackouts are still frequent in Coron. I know, right? So 90’s. You would not want to be caught in there without transportation if you are visiting during the evening. The road back to the town center was pitch black, as dark as it is when you are in a windowless room and the lights suddenly died on you. I wish this was just a joke, but it is not. It is not hard to imagine someone trying to figure out his way out of the dark and falling off some random cliff on the way. Avoid the danger, arrange your transportation in advance.

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