Sunday, August 7, 2011

[NEIHU] Miramar’s Giant Wheel

Miramar’s giant wheel was the only attraction I managed to visit in Neihu which is a shame because there are actually a lot of tourist spots to visit in this district! The National Palace Museum, for one, is just nearby. Go there and you also get to enjoy the other famous neighboring attractions like the park for aborigines and another museum named Shung Ye. But it was raining that day. I know. Excuses. I hate umbrellas and raincoats and I’ve grown tired of museums. I love history in its written form through books. Artifacts and clothes from another century don’t amuse me that much. Well, they actually did when I visited that museum at Lotte World but that was my first out of the country excursion, and so everything was fascinating. As you get to visit more places they start to become the same.

The fee for the giant wheel ride is NT$200 on a weekend and NT$150 on a weekday. There are tandem tickets for sale for the National Palace Museum. The ride does not last 30 minutes but you'll see a good view of the city even before reaching the top. Taipei 101 is visible, far but recognizable. And then you have green hills and mountains on the other direction.

One thing I’ve noticed is I'm still afraid of heights. The Macau Tower Bungy jump didn’t really eliminate my acrophobia. I think it even got worse. I found it hard to look down from above so I just tried to enjoy the view without looking at the streets below. The 20 minutes or so that I spent there felt like eternity. What I suggest is that you also just enjoy the view or, perhaps, close your eyes and rest. It is the perfect opportunity for a breather before or after shopping.

The mall itself is okay. There is something for everyone. You can shop, bring the kids to Tom’s World or watch a movie in the biggest IMAX cinema in the island. WeGo hotel is next door, and as mentioned, the other popular tourist spots of Taipei are just within the vicinity. Aside from the reasons already stated, I also don’t know how to ride a bus. How do you know the fares? The stops? If you have that card that locals have then it would be easier for you. Buses have censors by the entrance and the required fee is automatically deducted from that card, saving you from the hassles of communicating with the driver or not having coins for the fare.

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