Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Go With It


Adam Sandler plays the role of a plastic surgeon whose one major bad relationship experience has left him with a unique strategy to attract women: pretend that he is married. The fun ends when he finally meets a teenager he really likes but she considers his wedding ring as a deal breaker. Enter Jennifer Aniston as the assistant-turned-make-believe-ex-wife. Nicole Kidman makes a surprise appearance halfway through the movie as the sorority sister who just would not lose, and lingers towards the end as a plot device. Almost all the scenes are funny except for those with Kidman which were intentionally done to be over the top.

Rob Schneider is conspicuously missing, or was he just so heavily disguised to be recognized? In his place is Nick Swardson who also gets his fair share of the limelight and does not disappoint. Newcomer Brooklyn Decker squares off with Aniston in a two-piece bikini. The two kids are hilarious. Back to Kidman, one could not help but wonder why she even accepted a role that seems to have been made for the sole purpose of being mocked. It appears, however, that she was really enjoying what she was doing. Her participation in the movie is not billed, although her joining the cast had received much media attention when the film was still in pre-production.

The good thing about the movie is that it does not take itself too seriously. It knows its purpose. Even that cliché montage scene aided by the soundtrack (Chasing Cars) is done in a funny way, which is good because they are able to avoid what romantic comedies normally do after an hour or so, which is become a sappy melodrama. The ending is more than predictable but the characters are lovable enough for you not to care. The funny scenes are not monotonous. The decision to make the titular role a plastic surgeon by profession has provided the movie with a lot of graphic situations poking fun on the said industry. One also gets easily hooked to the story since the premise of the movie is all about lying, and it gets interesting after a while when the lies start to build up on one another eventually leading to an anti-climactic ending.

Just Go With It is a movie with antics that would probably never get old, which makes it a DVD-must have if you plan on just lazing around the house during the weekends. Or maybe you can just wait for HBO to get the rights. Seeing it on the big screen is not really a bad idea, although you must remember that you are there to enjoy it because the way the story goes is already a give-away.

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