Sunday, February 20, 2011

CEBU: 03 – I Dried Mangoes, You Danggit

We left Argao the next day at noon and arrived at Cebu City after an hour and a half. After getting off at the South Bus Terminal we immediately rode a multicab to Tabo-an to buy danggit (dried fish) and other possible presents for people back home. Half a kilo of danggit, six packs of dried mangoes, and two packs of durian candy would cost you around 500 pesos. Or did they rip us off? Did they? Honestly, I have no idea. My mother wants her danggit, regardless. We then rode a multicab to SM but got off at Sugbutel to check in. It was already 4PM. Of course the photos in this blog entry do not make sense. I did not take a picture of the danggit and I have nothing else to show. 

In fact, we could have gone to Tops to experience a great view of the city or the Crowne Regency to do Sky Walk, or that extreme adventure thingy where they put you on a mechanical chair circling the upper floors outside the building and suspend it so you get to see how high the fall would be if something goes wrong. I think they do that to customers who fail to pay their dinner bill. Think: Honey, I think I forgot my wallet at home. What are you doing, waiter? Where are you taking me? No! Please, don’t! Not the mechanical chair thingy! Oh my God! Can’t we just wash the dishes? Honeeeeeey!!! But then, given the additional costs we would have incurred to try these activities, we just decided to watch Adam Sandler. Or maybe we are just cheapskates. Take your pick. Either way, we do not really care.

Early the next morning, we got up at around 6 AM and got ready for our morning flight back to Manila. We decided to ride a taxi to get there since the payment was going to be split in two anyway and there were no jeeps plying the Cebu City – Mactan International route, at least coming from the hostel. The rate was reasonable and given that there was someone else to share it with, it came in cheap if we base it on the comfort level. The bridge accessed was the one connecting Cebu City to Lapu-Lapu. Picture? Not. The trip was quite fast and we found ourselves at the airport with a lot of time to spare. The flight back home was hassle free and we got back on time. End of story. I would love to live in Cebu some day if only to learn Bisaya but in terms of crowd and layout, it is pretty much just a smaller version of Metro Manila.

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