Monday, December 20, 2010

[SABTANG] Batanes Roundup

It was almost 11 AM when we got back to Centro. The tour guide asked me if I wanted to go north to see a popular beach and have a glimpse of Vuhus and Adekey. I concurred. On the road, the tour guide singled out a brown horse eating grass among the goats and claimed it as his. We took a right turn to the beach. The beach is quite popular among tourists because of a big rock forming an arch. The waves are a bit wild but one could not help but marvel on the clarity of the water, which was cold by the way. What I did not like about that beach were the black jelly thingies that stuck to my flip-flops. I never got them off even after some hard brushing when I got back to Manila. Trash bin.

Our last stop was a high point on the road up north to see Vuhus and Adekey. There they were, one island next to another both seemingly empty. Unfortunately, the picture I took does not do either one justice, but then again I am not a photographer. Tugging tripods and heavy equipment along when I am supposed to be on vacation? No, thanks.

What followed was a 20-minute motor ride back to town. We went back to the Tourist Information Center only to find it empty. I paid my dues to the tour guide and thanked him for the very informative and fun excursion. I headed to the port to see if there was a boat. Guess what? There was and it was already leaving. Before I got off the faluwa early that morning the boatman told me that the last trip would be at 1 PM. It was only 12 noon. I asked them if another boat would leave an hour later. They said no and that it was the last trip. Having heard that, I immediately hopped on. You see, I brought nothing with me to Sabtang except a t-shirt in a zip-lock that I was not able to use. I do travel light, whatever that means.

This only means that there really is no strict schedule followed when it comes to boats coming in and out of Sabtang. In this case, my instincts saved me. My flight the next day was scheduled at 10 AM. I could have slept on the island overnight but I did not want to risk getting left behind by Seair the next morning. I would love to get stuck on an island if that island was Sabtang. However, my status as a corporate slave could not afford me that luxury. Why do humans have to work? What joy it would be to live a life of endless island hopping. I wish.

The second half of the day could have been spent exploring south Batan but I had to go back to the hotel to take a shower and eat lunch. I was summoned by the bed right after that and woke up to a dark and chilly Batan at one in the morning. Yahoo. I wasted another half day. The next morning was spent reflecting about the whole trip and making sure I did not forget anything. I decided to just walk to the airport from Batanes Seaside just to imbibe the island life once more before I go.

I am definitely going back to Batanes and Itbayat would be on top of my priority list when I do. A grueling 4-hour faluwa ride seems exciting and I am really curious about an island that is said to have no shoreline. According to articles, Itbayat was once a giant underwater coral reef that decided to surface. It probably got tired of underwater life after seeing live action Little Mermaid too many times. That and a return trip to Sabtang to visit the other side of the island and probably Vuhus and Adekey, and then south Batan.

So, you have not been to Batanes yet? What are you waiting for? Doomsday? Or are you currently at MIA waiting to board Seair’s delayed flight? Wherever you are, make sure you put tick Batanes off your bucket list. Who knows, Cebu Pacific might just get to fly there, which might turn the province into another Boracay. Tradeoff. That would be sad. So visit it while it is still unspoiled and experience the islands’ wonders yourself. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

[SABTANG] Batanes Roundup

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vin said...

hi ihcahieh, i'd just like to say thank you for your blog about batanes. at first i had my reservations of going to this place but after reading your blog entry, i decided to pursue this trip. indeed it was such a memorable experience :)

ihcahieh said...

Hi vin, thanks for being the first to comment! Batanes is amazing and I am sure you enjoyed it. Glad that my blog entry has somehow influenced your decision to go to that awesome place. Will be looking forward to your write-up about it. Your blog is cool BTW! Will be really useful in planning for my next trips!


the viewing deck said...

nose bleed ako sa inyo, lolz !! anyways laking tulong ng entry mo especially sa mga diy tripper ng batanes ^_^

ihcahieh said...

Hehe, salamat andoyzki. At gagamitin ko naman ang Korea trip mo as guide for my June travel there. Sayang nga lang wala nang snow! Hahaha. =)

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