Sunday, December 19, 2010

[BATAN] Wafers and Cola at Diura

Passing by some Nipa huts along the beach, I reached the fishing village after two minutes. I was greeted by three carabaos enjoying a mud bath at the shore. I parked the bike in front of the signboard saying Welcome. There were two paths: one that led to the beach; and the other, which I took, was elevated and served as a walkway for people. There was a sign saying tourists should register but the arrow pointed to a Sari-Sari store. So I just bought five pieces of Nissin Wafers and Coke in plastic. I walked my bike to the shore, sat on a rock, and ate my wafers on that beach. I had the impression that I was at Valugan Bay but when I saw pictures after the trip, the shore of Valugan Bay was supposed to be filled with smooth stones, none of which I saw there. Well, whatever. To me it was Valugan Bay whether the pictures agree or not. They are both beaches anyway.

The hike back up took 15 minutes of my time. It was already 4:30 PM when I reached the road that brought me to Diura from Mahatao. My instincts were telling me to go south to Marlboro Hills. My senses were telling me to start the trip back to Basco. My instincts won that battle but eventually lost the war when a tricycle driver brought me back to reality. I headed back to Basco and when I arrived at Batanes Seaside a bit past 5:30 PM, it was already dark.

I did not know that after Ivana en route to Sabtang the next day, there would be no more Batan for me. What I suggest is to plan your itinerary in advance. Research is essential when traveling so as to not waste time thinking about where to go next and how to get there. You are better off using your energy to combat exhaustion. As for me, I just slept too much.

It would be a better idea to include Ivana in your Sabtang itinerary because the faluwa leaves from San Vicente Port in that town at the southern part of Batan anyway. Two of Ivana’s more popular landmarks (Ivana Church and Honesty Coffee Shop) are located right smack in front of the port. If you are only going to Sabtang for a day trip, you could opt to go to Uyugan and Itbud after lunch. Those two towns are the last ones along National road, a few kilometers away from Ivana and best reached by jeep.

I should have done that. Instead, after my Sabtang day trip I went back to the lodge to take a shower and eat lunch. I accidentally heeded the call of the bed and it was already 1 AM when I regained consciousness. What should I have done, have a slumber party with the cows on a dark Marlboro Hills? If I did not sleep the afternoon I got to Batanes and the afternoon after my Sabtang trip, there would have been a lot of time to visit more places. As a consequence, I was not able to visit the ruins of Song Song in Uyugan. I really wanted to visit those ruins because of its interesting history. Long story short, it was hit by a tidal wave and no one lives there anymore. As mentioned, I also missed the Marlboro Hills, Fundacion Pacita, and Radar Tukon, all of which can be found at the southeastern side of the island. So, learn from my mistakes future Batanes ambassadors! Plan your trips wisely!

[BATAN] Wafers and Cola at Diura

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