Monday, November 15, 2010

The Wedding Singer (9 Works Theatrical)


The opening number (It's Your Wedding Day) is full of energy and 80's dance moves, and it is wonderful that way. However, it seems to lack the oomph to get the audience excited for the following scenes. The opening number of the second act is way more enticing, and starts with a picture perfect scene given the appropriate lighting and the crisp corporate look of the ensemble. It is a mental image that just sticks.

TV does not do Gian Magdangal justice. This guy can sing and his voice suits mellow and rock without trying too hard. Iya Villania is no Lea Salonga but she can definitely carry a tune. These two's duets are so pleasing to the ears, the blending is perfect and neither one is out-sung. It is also a good thing that Villania is able to get rid of her Aussie accent here.

So that explains why Nikki Valdez's role as perennial Star Cinema best friend has been snatched by Dimples Romana, and then by Matet. She seems busy crossing over to theater following the same career path doing best friend roles. She should stay in theater because there she would be able to maximize her potential and share her wonderful voice. She has a lot of solo moments here and she nails all of them without hogging the spotlight from her co-actors. Now that is a good supporting actress!

Lorenz Martinez as Sammy is a perfect complement to Nikki Valdez. His comic timing is impeccable and he could give Rob Schneider a run for his money. He has an awesome voice too.

The soundtrack is just charming. Despite the choice of words in the songs, they still leave a lasting impression, specially the crowd favorite Grow Old with You and If I Told You.

Despite the astounding set design and the costume, this musical lacks the 80's vibe. For some reason it just feels a bit modern.

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